Bigg Boss 2 : Wild card entry in Bigg Boss?

As the wild card entry is nearing, there are various names popping up. According to Buzz it will be Miss World Diana Hayden and villian Shakti Kapoor.

There was a lot of talk that Monica Bedi may come back and a lot of journo’s are also chasing the story that Rakhi Vijan may return which is not yet confirmed.

30 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Wild card entry in Bigg Boss?”

  1. monica needs to b bak!! no diana again love is not tolerable!!! guys of bb2 r not fit fr her no shakti kapoor plzzzzzzzzzzzz he so lousy

  2. Monica should not come back……she is a big bore…..
    if she is back again rahul and monica will do all that irritating stuff……
    infact rahul should be out next….
    Bringing in Diana would be a good idea….

  3. I like Sambhavna alot

  4. Monica should be back at any cost…she is geuine…not at all into conspiracy..n if she is close to Rahul mahajan why the hell anyone has problem…being close to someone is far better then doing bitching..N above all she has never been a person who believes in schemes n strategies…no matter what pas she he carrying but in bigs boss’s house she was as real truthful personality….

    She is a winner n she should come back..
    good luck monica.

  5. What i would say is that whatever happned with Monica was a big time scheme made by..julfi, raja,ahsan n ashu..even sambhawna was the part of it….Even after knowing everything how can Big Boss allow Monica to be out of the house wherein the voting by the family members were pre-decided.

    I am fail to understand as why Monica is paying for this…..

    she should be given a chance by Big Boss…so that there should not be anything unfair in the show.

    She is simply amazing, an inocent and true person… Give her a Chance pls…

  6. Plz bring monica

  7. Raja Chaudhary Should Go. His Just too much his the one who creat all this problems for others. I want to see him out of this house.Peolpe like him deserve this i’m not sorry for him.

  8. No monica pls!!!!
    Diana is a gud choice.

  9. Plz bring monica back big b0ss.The show has been boring without her.Miss her and I agree with poonam, monica shld be given a second chance.shes honst polite and a genuine person.I thnk shes a winner already.Goodluck Monica

  10. dont agian same person monica , she is very boring she very time sitting with rahul because he very rich so dont bring monica please

  11. Alina shud not vote out this week. She seem so sweet

  12. Plz bring monica back big b0ss.The show has been boring without her.Miss her and I agree with Elva monica shld be given a second chance

  13. It’s of no doubt that monica should come back to add an essence of beauty n simplicity.Infact she should win this season.
    Raja choudhary must move out to make things away 4m bad politics.
    He is making this show irritating by his dirty politics.

  14. One small suggestion …

    Bigg Boss need to tell all contestants that when they refer to Mumbai they shouldnt say it bombay or bambai….

  15. monica should be back

  16. dont agian same person monica, but she is good

  17. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring monica bedi backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. monica is sweet n real nd deserves an immediate comeback.

  19. sambhavana should be nominated in place of raja. raja did not said any wrong thing to her.

  20. I wanted to join into Big Boss house. How can I get entry. Please let me know the procedure.

    Mrs Surinder Sangha

  21. raja hi jitega only raja and sambhawna ki rail banega rail east o west raja is best in bigg boss

  22. If raja was nominated by big boss for abusing, sambhavna too should also be nominated because every now and then she cheaply abuses people around her.
    Payal is a BIG HYPOCRATE.

  23. Raja ko he jeetna chahiye ..



  25. SAMBHAVANA….should come back…coz she is the only one….who can bring some cheap thrill on the show…monica bedi is tooooooooooo booooooooring for the show…n out of rahul,raja n payal one gonna go out next week…so this time they need one person to create nuisance…in the house…
    n i wish Diana should win we al love her ….coz she is a genuine soul….
    keep rocking Diana

  26. Heya…Sambhavana…..u should come back,samb is stupid n genuine….we all like u on the show ..bring her back..just tell her not to do cheap things…maintain a bit of decency in talks….
    Sambhavana….should come back…….
    BIG BORE MONICA BEDI..I agree with u up there
    Don’t want her

  27. i must say…..DIANA should win……….
    We don’t like monica bedi on the show she is eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuu boring……….dont want her
    we want SAMBHAVANA to COME BACK….coz it was unfair that she neither got a ceremonial farewell….nor akhiri salaaam………She deserves to come back n get back some masti in big boss house..

    SAMBHAVANA Should come plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    we hate u monica bedi money minded female……..dont want to see her boring talks with rahul mahajan
    Rahul should go this week…..throw him out public he is a very very shrude politician

  29. Shilpa ki jagah koi aur laao .

  30. dear ser my self abhishek pathak and i m a singer pls given me a chance in play a charecter in big boos —–my first drim is only one i m make a big star so pls big boos given me a chance and your program will be succses now
    abhishek pathak

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