Bigg Boss 2 : Nomination of this Week, Raja Chaudhary and Elina

This week BiggBoss nominated Raja Chaudhary for eviction and housemates has nominated Elina, so now battle for eviction is between Raja Chaudhary and Elina.

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  1. I cant believe sam voted out elina.I thot they were friends.Elina shld stp talking 2 her.plz vote 4 elina and evict raja

  2. Hi,

    Raja has been nominated thats good but why Elina.

    People inside the BB is some kind of weird.they are not understanding the situation.

    They should voteout sambhavna, Rahul and Payal first each week.

    Please somebody go and inform the guys. there.

  3. Alina is the strongest contestant as she has will power andf atleast a mind of her own. She is the biggest threat to all contestants she makes the show lively give the girl a chance

  4. i totally and completely agree wth wat zulfi analyzed duiring nomination time.Agreed that the way raja reacted was wrong.
    but sambhavan is also not way behind.she reacted as if she is always the miss sober lady-like character.
    She knew that she would be nominated that week.
    So she wanted to project someone as a bad figure.
    She targeted Ashutosh.
    But raja tried to support ashu and got trapped himself.
    So sambhavana used him.
    And ELINA is actually doing that “idhar ka udhar and vice versa” business
    She is totally faking it.
    The nominated person should have been all the three- Sambhavna, Elina and raja
    And payal said it right that “sambahvna is just blowing the situation out of proportion”.Remember week one where she used this weapon on Sanjay ji.

    And don’t forget one thing ::: Last week raja could have nominated sambhavna.

    One final thing: HATS OFF TO Zulfi. According to me he is the clear winner.
    But this time please save raja. He deserves a chance.Poor thing. He has been trapped.

    And i like monica as well. Atleast she was not bitching like elina and sambhavna.

  5. Big Boss 2

    If Raja is nominated by bigg boss why not SAMBHAVNA? she should be kicked out of the House.

  6. hi friends,
    this is a humble request to all the fans please throw Raja out of BB.
    He thinks himself to be an actor but the reality is that he is not fit to
    be an extra. The whole show is worthless with Raja.


  7. Raja is the game player and doesnt have control on his anger and also he doesnt have any grip on the situations.
    so its better vote for Elina who is friendly and living according to the situations eventhough few
    things happening by her unknowingly. Raja, Payal and Rahul should be out of the Bigg Boss house.

  8. This week nominations are not fair. BiggBoss asked for two names and nominated only one .WHY? it is cheating with both Raja and Elina. I think BIGGBOSS himself wanted to decide nominations so he did that. BIGGBOSS should have nominated both sambhawana and ashu also and that was the feeling of housemates also and public also. I am avid viewer of this show and never missed a single episode of season 1 and 2. If BIGGBOSS will start manipulating then the reality will go missing. THIS TIME IT WAS CHEATING FROM PRODUCES SIDE. CHEATING AND ONLY CHEATING. STOP THIS WEEK EVICTION AND OPT FOR SOME FAIR OPTAIN IF YOU WANT TO MAITAIN THE BEAUTY OF YOUR SHOW. DON”T TRY TO BECOME EKTA. BE SENSIBLE.

  9. I feel that sambhawana has crossed every limit of decency. The way she was shouting on Ashu and then on Raja was shocking. she is the one who is creating differences. always bitcing. The way she sat with ashu in bedroom was inapproprite that was what raja pointed during fight. And during game she created such a scene. What she did with Rahul by asking him to wear woman clothes. Was that O.K. Just to avoid eviction she was looking for sympathy and she was succeeded in that. Throw her out from house. She is not having sportsman spirit.

  10. I think.. Raja must be out from the house. His nature becomes voilent sometimes. He doesn’t have manners to behave with a girl/lady.

  11. plz save raja and vote for hi,elina is also a good

  12. SAVE RAJA. Apart from his temprament, he is honest, entertaining and sincere. All others who are accusing Raja are spineless persons who don’t have guts to tackle blatant gal like sambhawana. She is playing all sorts of dirty tricks to avoid nomination and using weak persons like Debojit and Ehsaan for manipulations. She should also be directly nominated by Bigg Boss. I request all the viewers to save RAJA if you want balanced competition and entertainment in the show. Also I have sympathy for Alina as she is not as bad as she is projected by housemates.

  13. I think it is important that raja must live in this house ..till sambhavana gets evicted. This will keep sambhavana checked and will add to the masala in the raja..he is the honest person in his behaviour ..wherather good or bad..

  14. Big Boss……… very unfair… you are baised..

    Why only Raja, please evict sambhavana out of BIG BOSS’s house.

    Please vote for RAJA to save him

  15. I think Raja should leave. Sambhavna has always supported him, though she is short tempered and loud but that doesn’t mean he can say anything to her on National t.v. . And what is he doing with Payal? Even Payal is enjoying it to get some attention. I dont know who her fans are. Its all Rahul’s support that she is getting. Ridiculous. Alina should not have been nominated. She did nothing and became a victim. Sambhavna should not have nominated her. She is the true person besides her.

    But yes there should not be violence in the house. The kind of abusive language these housemates use makes it no more a family show.

  16. It is surprising. When I sent vote for Raja I got message of Invalid key. It is happening with me and my friends from the day of nominations. So to find the reason, I also sent one vote for Alina and to my surprise it was accepted. WHAT DO YUO WANT BIGBOSS. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO EVICT RAJA THEN JUST DO IT BY YOUR OWN. IT IS SHAMEFUL ACT. YOU ARE CHEATING NOT ONLY HOUSEMATES BUT YOUR VIEWERS ALSO. STOP THIS.

  17. Please save Raja. He is victim not culprit.

  18. I ve been mailing for raja for long time but the response I get is that i selected the wrong keyword. Same keyword is true to Aline. I ve disscussed it with lot of people and eveerybody is sad about it that bigg boss is using every cheating possible to evict Raja which in itself a bigg fiasco for the show. The statement used by alina that everybody in the house of bigboss is a GIDAR is very much true and holds good for bigboss also. The owner itself has proved it by virtue of siding with the GIDARS. I request big boss to be fair otherwise lot of people wont be watching the show

  19. what raja did was wrong, but taali hamesha 2 hands se bajti hai. if big boss nominated raja he should also have nominated sam (I hate her) and allowed one more person to be nominated by the housemates.

    I think Bigg Boss himself also over-reacted.

    between alina and raja (i like them both) i prefer that raja stays on. however i wish sam is thrown out as soon as possible.

  20. I think Raja should leave. he is short tempered . Alina should not have been nominated. She did nothing and became a victim.
    But yes there should not be violence in the house. The kind of abusive language these housemates use makes it no more a family show.

  21. payal is more dangerous n fake thn sambhawana she should be kick out from the big boss house

  22. Sambhavna has always supported raja though she is short tempered and loud but that doesn’t mean he can say anything to her
    and my wishes to both became good friends and rock the show otherwise bb very boring

  23. Sambhavna has always supported raja though she is short tempered and loud but that doesn’t mean he can say anything to her
    my wishes to both became good friends and rock the show otherwise bb very boring


  24. I am not satisfied 2 da comment of rakesh aginst raja…..
    ..i think all the participants are trying to give their artificial extra effort except Raja.

  25. vote 4 raja he is a complete entertainer .so wat he has no control on his anger but still he gav us sum material 2 watch d show…while elina is so boring ,we all were fed up of all saas-bahu serials nd elina reminds all those serials thru is rona-dhona….so kick out elina nd save entrtaing raja….

  26. Bohot hi wahiyat hai ye sab sab sale Fukre hain, Rahul ko aapni Image bachani chaihiye,

  27. Vote Raja and Elina both magar ghar se bahar jaye RJ (Raja cho…..)

  28. Landline voting line for raja is open. Dear supporters you may send vote via BSNL landline. This is last day. Kindly support raja. Dear Bigg Boss, be a sportsman and forgive Raja. I luv you for such a nice program. pl don’t spoil it. To all——save raja.

  29. sambhavana charcter is not good.

  30. SAMBHAVANA the bloddy bitch shld be out

    Both Raja and Elina are good they are like brother ans Sister now they are nominated its sucking…..

    Rahul is smartly palying and he as huge following from Initial days so finally he will Win and Debojit as good chances…..

  31. Hi All,

    Save Raja, Because he is the only person who has raised TRP of the show, he is the only one in the house, who do new things every day, and that is the main reason why RAJA should be saved else, there will not be any intrest in watching big boss

  32. Sambhavna school girlish attitude isnt going to take her anywhere. I think she needs to go even before Raja.

  33. looking forward to raja’s eviction toay

  34. We should sympathise with sambhavna. People are misunderstanding her cheerful behavior. Please make her happy and bubbly

  35. please sambhavana ko bacha lo………………………………….. uske bina toh show mei maza hi nahi aayega. Aur is kutte Rahul ko yahaan se dhakke deke bahar nikalo. Is kambakhat yahaan ka mahaul bigad rakha hai. Sara din payal ke saath chipka rehta hai. Aur Indian culture ko bigadta rehta hai. Mujhe toh doubt hai ki yeh ladka hai ya ladki……………… is ki ladkiyon wali sari harkateein hai. koi baat iske paet mei rukti nahi hai……… Sala ek no. ka dramchi…………………

  36. Haram ka pilla Rahul…………… Is bahen ke …… ko toh yahaan se nikalo. Iski toh tab akal mei aayega jab payal kisi aur ke saath hogi aur yeh hilte hi reh jayenge. Ab bhi waqt hai sudhar ja. Aur jitni massage toh payal ki kar raha hai naa beta, ek baar bahar aa tujhe toh mei maza cchhkaoongi. Ladkiyon ko tu kuch bhi nahi samajhta. Tujhse teri biwi toh sambhali nahi gai is heroin ko sambhal lega tuu? Are sharam kar……..

    Aur payal tu…………. tune toh saari sharam baech khai……… are itna hi nomination se darr lag raha tha toh saaf saaf bolti naa. Yeh massage karane ki aur chote chote kapde pehnne ki kya zarroorat thi.

    Ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna beta ……… jise tu ek casual friendship bolti hai na us casual friendship ki aaaad mei tu woh sab kuch karti hai jo ek ladki sochne se pehle dus baar sochti hai…………. Kamini…….

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