Bigg Boss : Nominations take place and two new tasks are given

The day begins with the wake up song “Yeh Duniya Ut Patanga” from the film “Khosala Ka Ghosala”.

Housemates discuss and check out the ration sent by Bigg Boss. They had protested that if Bigg Boss doesn’t send poha and suji for Ashutosh who is a vegetarian they will not take the ration. But they finally take it.

Later, nomination process starts and Bigg Boss declares the housemates who are nominated.

After the nominations Ahsaan talks with Ashutosh and Zulfi that Bigg Boss sent Abhishek Bachchan to evict Raja. Ahsaan says tasks given by Bigg Boss are a time pass so housemates do not sleep but still they sleep.

Diana and Zulfi feel guilty about the nominations and Debojit also says he is feeling guilty.

Raja listens to all this from the secret room and nods.

Around 4.00pm Debojit is called in confession room and given a task. He informs all members to be in living area as they cannot leave it.

The task is to blow 3,000 balloons in next 3 days. All housemates have to fill 3,000 balloons with the helium gas in garden area. Stands are given to attach balloons to it.

Two alarms will be played during the day when 500 balloons have to be released in the air.

They are also given another task in which they are given a straw statue and mud which is to be mixed with water and Bigg Boss has to be made out of it.

Housemates get engrossed in the first task and actively take part.

Payal and Ahsaan make notes, Sambhavana ties the balloons, Zulfi cuts the thread, Debojit and Rahul tie the balloons on to the stand and Ashutosh and Diana fill gas in the balloons. They do not perform the other task of making the statue of Bigg Boss.

The balloon task continues for three-and-half hours and later housemates release the balloons in the air.

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  1. hi my self aman saxena
    i m 21 year old
    i m 4m baretlly
    i want 2 take part in big boss 3

  2. hi my self aman saxena 4m bareilly i want 2 take part in big boss 3

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