Bigg Boss 2 : Finally housemates are successful in finishing the task

The episode begins with the Airtel tune and “Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena” title song as the wakeup call. All the housemates wake up late because they were awake till midnight to complete the task.

Sambhavana gossips about Payal to Ashutosh and says that in case she stays back in the house this week, she will definitely give it back to Payal in some way. Not only this, she also provokes Ashutosh to do something similar if he leaves. Sambhavana then goes to Raja and continues to bad mouth Payal.

The house seems to be slowly drifting towards groupism again with Payal and Rahul forming one group and Sambhavana, Ehsaan, Ashutosh and Raja forming another group.

The housemates release the last batch of 500 balloons and successfully complete the weekly task.

Sambhavana advises Ehsaan to patch up with Ashutosh and Raja in order to build a strong group.

Sambhavana, Ashutosh and Debojit are called into the confession room to talk about how they feel about the nominations and Raja’s comeback.

Since the housemates are successful in finishing the task therefore they are allotted a good budget by Big Boss and a twist is added to it.

Big Boss calls Ashutosh into confession room and wishes him Happy Birthday. All the housemates celebrate Ashutosh’s birthday and wish all the viewers Eid Mubarak.

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