Bigg Boss : Housemates flirts non-stop with each other in Bigg Boss 2

Sambhavana flirts non-stop with Raja, who manages to keep her at arm’s length. She has a bad cold and he keeps telling her to keep away from him. He does not want to catch her cold, he says. Sambhavana sneezes artificially many times standing very close to Raja just as he is eating his midday meal and promises to transfer all her virus to him. She moves close to kiss him, telling him ‘just one kiss’ though which Raja keeps giving all sorts of excuses, the funniest being that it is Tuesday and men and women don’t go near each other on that day.

There is a pichkari competition where the housemates are divided into groups of three and try to drench the other groups with coloured water. The winners  are Raja, Rahul and Sambhavana.

Soon after, Rahul pleads with Payal that she let him kiss her. But the lady is quite cool about it and would not let him anywhere near her.

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  1. sambhavna this is your last day in the bigg boss house. see you.

  2. zulfi is back stbr.he is bitching always.when he sit wid raja he shows he is against rahul n alldose ppl
    ,and when he sit wid rahul he talked against raja and sambhabna.and he is ‘MR BORE’.

  3. payal did let rahul kiss her in the bathroom………..its on one of the uncensored clips

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