Bigg Boss 2 : Nomination of this Week, Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi and Raja Chaudhary

This week housemates has nominated Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi and Raja Chaudhary, so now battle for eviction is between Rahul, Payal and Raja.

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  1. Not sure who is going to be out this week because all the members who have been nominated of bigg boss house are all interesting characters. Raja seems to be getting back on the track but seems like Rahul, Payal & Zulfi have decided that no matter how Raja is going to be, they are all set to nominate him over and over again.

    As far as Rahul is concerned, he seems to be truely convinced since day 1 he entered bigg boss house that he is going to win this game. Political & dirty mind games, hypocricy, groupism, abusive languages, intimate moments with Payal and often trying to seduce her come on Mr. bigg boss the whole world is watching this vulgarity…but Rahul is so sure that he is never going to get out of this house..well No wonder why he is so confident. Seems like he is manhandling the show and all the participants seems to be like puppets fooling around.

    One more interesting thing to watch is who could be the wild card entry in bigg boss house. If Payal goes out and Monika comes in, it’s rahul’s win-win game strategy, but what if Sambhavna gets back in.. All hell gonna break loose for sure. Mr. Bigg Boss, please pay attention this show could gain more TRP if Sambhavna gets back in.

    All the controversies and indifferences developed between all the participants and that fire of hatred building up in every member’s heart could be clearly seen on their faces.. thanks for bringing up this show, we all could see the true faces and characters of these so-called celebrities, youth icons or public figures.

    Roll Camerca, Action.. Let the Game Begin.

  2. Hi,

    This game is fixed .Rahul is the clear winner .Big Boss has always tried to keep back Rahul . I thought initially that this game would be fair but now it seems certain that Rahul will never be evicted & he will be the sure winner .

  3. both rahul & payal have 4 votes each against them and raja had 3 why raja was nominated? Only to save rahul and his keep payal this is why big boss is loosing his faith. This is cheating to keep Rahul and His keep. Best entertainer in this show is Raja. I think bigg boss is afraid that Raja would become more powerful than bigg Boss.

  4. If Raja is gone then this show should be called BIGG SLEEPING Soap. It will become more flop than Ramu ki Aag.

  5. i don’t understand how some people comment that Rahul is being favored, its more like Raja is favored. He was made leader of the house and then re-entry and how he twists the facts and how he twists the truth..but i have to admit that Big boss really worked hard to get all these characters together..rahul is being stupid and somewhat innocent..stupid cuz he is with payal..Diana is turning into a beatch thanks to ashu and raja..Diana is an ugly ass, payal is an ugly slut, sambhavana is an ugly beatch..can’t they get one interesting girl in a house…i think monica will be fun

  6. this is chiting bigg boss beacose raja only 3 vote and rahul or payal is 4 vote so nomineted only rahul & payal for this week , raja is Best entertainer for this whow,
    Agar raja nikal diya to koi bhi who ko nahi dekhega
    we careful bigg boss next time

  7. This show has lost its credibility…it has become “The Rahul Mahajan Show”…Raja has
    been dragged in the dumping zone just to protect payal…and now Monica will make a re entry..
    What more does rahul want?…Boooo to Big Boss!!!

  8. Well this week it seems that either big boss has goofed up on its eviction.
    Payal and Rahul have received 4 votes each and Raja has received 3 votes.
    Technically for eviction you require two people , where one will be voted out.
    Since we already have rahul and payal at the top, the need for another contestant does not arise.
    If the scenario was like the was one contestant with four votes and there were two contestant with 3 votes then in that case only, all three would have been selected for vote for eviction.
    Pls consult your mathematician, or is it that you want to save rahul and payal ????
    Lets see how can you make this fair, big boss r u listening

  9. Its a game show so everybody is playing some game or other. Lets accept the fact that everybody is here to be winner.Nobody is here to make relations. Even BIGGBOSS is not fair enough this time. He is also playing games. Look at this week nominations. Rahul & Payal got 4 votes each whereas Raja got only 3. Why Raja is chosen as one of nominee for this week? This is very unfair !!!!! It clearly shows that BIGGBOSS wants to save Rahul & Payal. I agree with Neelu’s comment. The show should be renames as ‘The Rahul Mahajan Show’……

  10. This week bigboss will concentrate all the footage around Rahul and Payal to evict Raja.

    That’s all planned ….First when Rahul and Raja are in dumping zone…bigboss plays the politics with Raja….now pulled him in nomination this time ….

    bigboss is not fare game…

  11. This show is only for RAHUL MAHAJAN. All other entertainer like RAJA are made scapegoat. This show is boring now. I have stopped seeing this show due to partiality to Rahul. Everything is bogus. Bigg Boss made mistake by taking politicians. They should have taken actors only or Cricket player.

  12. Rahul is so girl-type and payal is her puppet.i think so one of them should be evicted.

  13. thnk god!!only 3 ppl more indecent ppl were left in d house n all d 3 of dem hav been nominated.rahul,payal n raja.
    nominating raja jst proves bigg boss vil leave no stone unturned in making mahajan d winner of dis show!!i wish both rahul n payal were dumped out simultaneously.even raja isnt decent enough.atleast dat smooching scene wid sambhavna proves it.sambhavana…..gr8 2 c her one time she wud b seen fighting wid raja n den aftr some time u wud find her tokin 2 him like a genuine buddy.dirty games!!!
    bigg boss 1 was faaaaaar better.even its contestants except rakhi sawant n kashmira shah were so well-behaved.bigg boss 2 is fixed.i guess its becoming pretty obvious day by day.if dis time mahajan doesnt get voted out,i guess i’ll have 2 stop watching d show now

  14. I think Rahul will be the deserving winner,since this reality show is about battle of wits and rahul seldom lost his cool even when continuasly instigated by Raja.
    Now that raja has joined that cowardly women like characters ashu and ehsan,he should be kicked out.

  15. raja’s nomination s unfair.

  16. Rahul Mahajan is using his political power to influence big boss. Even big boss can’t do much against Rahul Mahajan. Rahul Mahajan has fixed the game already. After all he has the corrupt blood of politician running in his veins. I wonder why that idiot Rakhi Vijan shouted that ” he will be the future PM of India”. Do we really need such vulgar, obscene, egoist and corrupt people governing our country? And we really don’t want to see more of that Criminal and Country-traitor Monica Bedi? Are we sending a message to the people of India that we will forgive all criminals who work against the country.

  17. big boss please explain why nominated raja when rahul and payal both were nominated with more votes.first time this has happened .even u cant break the rules of the game.
    raja can only be noinated if he has equal votes as rahul and payal other wise you are very v v v wrong in nominatng him.
    now it is your duty to save him.
    i want to see him till the last episode

  18. raja is the best at least he is his real himself and not faking

  19. raja is abusing every time he will be vote out

  20. Why Raja has nomited this week he got only 3 votes & Rahul & Payal got 4 votes big boss this is not fair if Raja will evicted this week then aap ka programe koi nahi dekhega agar aap ko Rahul ko his winner banana tha then dusro ko entry hi kyun di big boss mein Rahul ek number ka chal baaz hai aur payal ek gem khel rahi hai eviction se bachne ke liye I hate Rahul & Payal dono ko is game se out kar dena chahiye Raja I like u a lot god will solve your all problem god bless u

  21. Rahul Mahajan is the best guy in the show,we are also watching the show regularly But I didn’t find anything wrong from his side to anybody in the house.Some people in the house always try to irritate him like sambhabna,Raja etc.they creat issues and person like Rahul does not want to argue with them as he is intelligent. I think Rahul and Payal are OK .They are not crossing their limit. Nominate Rahul B’coz’ he is with payal is the most funny reason anyway.

  22. Bigg boss, agar so nahin rahe ho to is payal ko ghar se bhagao ya rahul ko. yeh dono hi bakwaas hain. Bahut jyaada pakau aur irritating hain.

  23. raja is the real entertainer he should win

  24. Raja is the best atleast he is real character in bigg boss. If Raja is gone then this show should be called BIGG BOSS GONE. I am support raja choudhary B’coz I AM GUJJAR. So good luck raja my whises with you and please you will contact with me my phone no. 9891280682, 9210014057.

  25. whoever finds rahul entertaining i would like to ask them what is really funny in him he has taken lectures in real live school 24 * 7 his father. he has politician blood in him he is taught from childhood how to behave and how to talk without showing realself
    i think ashu makes more funny and witty remarks than him

  26. Raja is best and he diserved to winner position.After winning the game his life will be missurable again
    God bless Raja……………………………..

  27. Hi,
    I will support Rahul becoz is a intelligent and smart person.

  28. It looks that Big Boss want to save Rahul and payel. With the entry of Monica it looks certain that Raja will be evicted if not this week for sure next week. It is unfair to nominate Raja while he got only 3 votes compared to Rahul and Payel 4. This show is live with the presence of Raja only otherwise it is dead. Who want to see the sleeping characters like Debu, Ihsanji, Zulfi and Diana.

  29. i am happily surprised to see monica ‘s behaviour.she keep rahul at a good distance. god saved her from lot of trouble by evicting her and bringing her back. she could see real rahul.
    god really works in most mysterious ways

    payal who considers herself “upmarket and high class” has fought with people in each episode.just that sambhavna was loud enough to be noticed.but any day she was better than payal

    shambhavna deserved to be evicted. dirty politics,lies,playing games and bitching was all in her control. she could have avoided it.
    i dont blame her for fighting or shouting at others because that was action reaction.if somebody provokes you to a limit anybody can get angry. that is not her fault.

    bottom line is raja is the best. he along with ashu keeps the show entertaining

  30. may be Raja shuld out of big boss house. becouse he creat misunderstanding in every people.

  31. Hi everyone,
    For me raja nomination is correct, as he has been deliberately breaking the rules of show mainly by planning the nominations and forming groups. He should realize that eviction of Rahul will not make him a winner. He should control his emotions, and learn to accept when someone is more accepted by others (which he absolutely can’t accept when Rahul was), and if he thinks he respects rules then he should stop discussing the nominations. I guess this was similar problem he had with his family due to which he was isolated, he still have a chance to prove himself. Despite everyone has soft corner for Raja, he always wants to lead the show by creating chaos in the show. Even if Raja evicted Diana will his take place in leading group aganist Rahul.

  32. its obvious that payal and rahul will remain in house because its Rahul’s show… whatever he wants happens in it… he wanted monica back so Monica is he wants payal to stay so she will stay…

  33. raja’s nomination is unfair

  34. big fake…just want to win rahul…. y did u opened such stupid show in which results are known that rahul is going to win…

    WE ARE WITH YOU…………..

  36. agar raja chala gaya toh mein toh big boss nahi dekhungi………..fake show………….

  37. raja is king

  38. i want SAMBHAVNA back for more drama. she is soo entertaining, and remember it’s a game, so all these backstabbing and nonsense done by perticipants r expected. SAMBHAVNA u rock

  39. I am huge fan of big boss2.Its rocking!Full on masala everyone whether its Sambhavna,Raja,Payal nd importantly Rahul mahajan who takes the cake !He’l definitely win this show.With Monika back in the show ,it is interesting to see Rahul flirting with her!!
    Gud work Rahul go on.!!!

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