Bigg Boss2 : Sanjay Nirupam is wild card entry?

Sanjay Nirupam can be wild card entry in the house if show producers can agreed upon some of the conditions about the format of the show and nomination process.

As per Sanjay Nirupam’s statement show producers has contacted him to be the wild card entry into the house.

But he is not happy with the show. According to him, “Show’s format and nomination procedures has been deviated  from its original and promised path.”

6 Responses to “Bigg Boss2 : Sanjay Nirupam is wild card entry?”

  1. No No No plz dont call sanjay nirupam for wild card entry even dont offer him because i feel those should never be contacted who dont have any interest on that particular thing or they will not only lose its interest but make this show worse . Sanjay Nirupam if thinks its bad he shouldnt have come earlier and saying that he didnt know is rediculous he is 60 yr old man he well knows what is television show.
    Call only those who are dedicated to win and know the importance of staying there . I saw sanjay nirupam refusing to do one task in which there he had to dance with a partner . He felt it too was indignified and thatswhy he was kicked out of the show . LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT IS VULGAR .

  2. hi,thank you for such a good show (bigg bose).plz after final show the face of bigg boss.
    sambhavna was a grace to show and we will miss she,,,,,,,

  3. Sanjayji – Aapki baatoen ka itna huwa asar ki sambhavna jaise item girl sudhar gayi bigboss ke
    ghar mein. Aapka toke ne usay itne din tak rok rakha tha warna ye item girl second elimination
    mein hi out thi.
    I hope you come as a wild card entry aur ghar ki khabar lo aur baki sub ko sudhar do.
    Good luck sanjayji.

  4. i like bigg boss very much i and i am frm pakistan and i come to bigg boss house please bigg boss
    allow me my number is 03214446628 please big boss

  5. Hi I like Big Boss if You Give me an chance so i want to join this program . through of this program i or we can see true face .

    Thank You
    Mnaoj Bharti

  6. sir please hame ik moka dijia ghar ke andar ane ka we thankful to you
    from ludhiana (pb)

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