Bigg Boss 2 : I am a big fan of reality shows : Farah khan

After judging almost 4 reality shows Farah has got the title of an experienced and qualified judge. Judging reality shows according to her is at the back of her hand and she knows its an out and out entertainment for the audiences and the judges as well.

“I am a big fan of reality shows and that’s the reason why I have judged almost four of them and now this one is going to be my fifth one”

Bigg Boss used to be one of my favorite reality shows and I could almost feel my social life getting disturbed, but now as I see the contestants behaving like normal human beings I have started getting out of it. Nach Baliye has always been my favourite one.

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  1. Monica Bedi = Dead Player ( has no strategy no game for biggboss)
    Rahul Mahajan= Confused guy( came to win biggboss and now trying to win girl’s heart)
    Debojeet = boring ( always busy in singing doesnt even think what to do to win )
    Ehsaan Quraishi= a snake ( trying to bite without even coming forward )
    Zulfi Syed = Over confident ( always thinking he will win and always saying koi farak nahi padta )
    Diana Hayden= Babygirl( trying to learn how to play rather than playing a game)
    Raja & Ashu THE REAL BIGGBOSS AS THEY HAVE ALREADY COMPROMISED THAT FIRST LETS EVICT ALL OTHERS AND THEN WE WILL DECIDE WHO TO WIN . They are the guys who always vote for the same person and they are because from west UP they suit to each other . Raja and Ashutosh also play a game tactfully and with strategies they will go to the final . I think 4 person have to go to final and then people will decide who to win . Ashutosh was taken as a weak guy in the biggboss but i know and many others also know that he has won mtv roadies and whoever are his fans they are committed to vote for him not just one but in bulks . raja has already proven by escaping 4 times .
    I really like the game raja and ashu play and diana supports them at least these guys make this show interesting or rahul is busy with monica zulfi is as quiet as an owl . debojeet does nothing but sing and ehsaan is busy wearing his lungi .

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