Bigg Boss 2 : Ashutosh is punished for sleeping too much

The wakeup alarm for today’s episode is “Gori gori gori” from the film “Main Hoon Naa”.

As the day begins, housemates discuss nominations. Ashutosh sluggishly wakes up late. While he is getting ready, he is called in the confession room by Bigg Boss and punished.

Bigg Boss tells Ashutosh that since he has been getting up late therefore today he will have to sleep the entire day with his sunglasses on…. furthermore, he will be just given apples, almonds and milk to eat through the day. He has to take a nap till he has had adequate sleep, while a soothing violin track plays in the background.

Meanwhile, the housemates are of the opinion that this is not a punishment for but indeed a reward for Ashutosh as he loves sleeping. Ashutosh sleeps for sometime…but then gets tired of it and apologises to Bigg Boss and promises that henceforth he will not sleep through the day.

The usually distant Debojit is upset with Diana when Zulfi tells him that she has nominated him.

As the day proceeds, one notices that the house has been divided into two groups. One comprising of Diana, Ashutosh and Raja while the other of Rahul, Monica, Ahsaan and Debojit. Meanwhile, Ahsaan is worried as he thinks that in all probability, he will be evicted this week.

Bigg Boss assigns yet another task to the housemates wherein all of them will have to follow a balanced diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

To begin with, the housemates have to select a person in charge who will monitor this task. Additionally, the person will also be responsible to ensure that the housemates carry out the regime consistently. The housemates select Ahsaan as the person in charge for this.

Later, the housemates are making diyas and discussing nominations.

Towards the end of the day, all of them get into the exercise and cooking regime.

6 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Ashutosh is punished for sleeping too much”

  1. Debojit is perfect housemet. please do not disturb, because this guy is innocent
    & Inteligent.

  2. He should be evicted out of the house. He doesn’t looks genuine from any angle, also he tries to divide the house & plan for the nomination of the few people.

  3. ashutosh enjoying life of the house he want live big boss house to enjoy life who cares for fifty
    lacs when girl like payal asked him for masag and dianaa is intrested too you are lucky first sonekl
    in rodies now dianna in big boss life sattle so ja mere bhai

  4. he is over confident and compare himself with rahul mahajan an want to defeat him in evication.
    please someone tel him, he and sambhavana was worst person in this show becoz of their cheap thinkkingehsaan is next to them

  5. ashutosh,,,,,is the most worst and cheap person in this show……pls evicted him….

    “hamesha dusro ke kaam main apni ungli gusana,,,,,koi dance kare to ashu jabardasti gus ja tha hai…koi acting kare to bath kar kuch na kuch Comment karta rahta hai…bolne ki tarika nahi aata,,,,,big boss kya aase insaan ko aap show main le kar aaye ho…

  6. ashutosh …really don knw wot he speaks..and we r nt getting his words….really the worst of big boss is here with ashutosh..
    dhaabe waala luks good at dhaba…..don make big boss a dhaba 🙂

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