Bigg Boss 2 : Court clears Bigg Boss of obscenity charges

Hearing a petition filed by producers of the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, the Bombay High Court directed the police not to take any ‘coercive action’ against producers of the show, as well as against participants — including Rahul Mahajan.

Endemol, the producer company, has now moved the High Court, seeking that FIR be quashed.

Among other things, petition alleges that “it was no coincidence” that Ahire belongs to Congress, of which Sanjay Nirupam is also a member.

Nirupam was eliminated from the show after the first week.

Petition also claims that show is not obscene, but competitors of the channel Colors (which airs it) are creating ‘hype about obscenity’.

2 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Court clears Bigg Boss of obscenity charges”

  1. Cheers to endemol. It shows till what extent the politicians can go. Inki na tho dosti acchhi na hee dushmani acchhi.
    Congratulations to Colors & Rahul Team.

  2. wowww its a great slap on the face of those who despite having remote control want to control others rather than controlling themselves. whatever there is in that reality show , its your choice whether you see it or not . we never complain about sanskar astha tv channels and even india tv which spreads superstition then why people want to ban what we like ? they do have remote control they shouldnt tune in colors if they dont want to watch bigg boss at least it will be a lesson for all those moral police .

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