Bigg Boss 2 : Diwali Preparations In Bigg Boss House

The house of Bigg Boss is already gearing up for the biggest Indian Festival – Diwali. Bigg Boss has found an innovative way of infusing festive spirit in these housemates through a peculiar task. Bigg Boss is aware of the fact that most of these housemates will spend Diwali in this house. We can certainly expect Diwali to be a special time even in this house.

The task of the week is to make Diyaas. The housemates have to make 2000 diyas in one week. They have been provided a machine for the same. They were given a demonstration on the procedure of using the machine. Only one housemate can make diyaas on the machine at a time. The diyaas can be shaped from the wet clay even manually.

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