Bigg Boss 2 : Housemates organise an event and enjoy themselves

The wakeup alarm for today’s episode is “Maria Maria” from the movie “Partner”.

In the morning, Rahul brings tea for Monica. He also offers a flower and chilli to her. He then goes out and throws the chilli remarking, “Tumhari Naazar Utaar Raha Hoon.”

Raja and Ashutosh discuss the nominations strategy of Rahul and Zulfi. Later, Zulfi clarifies issues with Monica and discuss Raja and Rahul’s behaviour.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss assigns a new task to the housemates wherein they have to organise an event.

Everyone gets quite excited and cheerful… they get together to discuss each and every person’s responsibility and work out an approach.

Rahul and Ashutosh move to one side to discuss their scenes for the task.

Later, Monica speaks with Ashutosh while making rotis and clarifies that she has her own reasons for nominating Ashutosh. Meanwhile, Raja gears up to gather gossip and news for his bulletin in the evening.

In the evening, the housemates are given the weekly budget.

Raja prepares the budget and while doing so he loses his temper and yells at Rahul, and Rahul retaliates.

Later housemates perform the task given to them and enjoy each others performances.

One Response to “Bigg Boss 2 : Housemates organise an event and enjoy themselves”

  1. Rahul was not correct in starting the talk regarding ICECREAM in budget… Rahul later while in discussion with Zulfi said that he worked so hard for
    one can of Ghee.. SHAME on you…… RAHUL MAHAJAN has never performed any tasks for weekly budget but has been the first to
    demotivate people regarding the tasks… remeber the Water Tank think… he was the first one to say that if we leave all the holes we would be left with 25 % of water…….

    Zulfi, the real mastermind in the house has been plotting his own plots ….. i think he is digging a big drentch for himself and i would pray he falls in it this nomination.

    Debo… the guy adored for truthfulness…. did it yesterday after interview.. lying to Rahul about what RAJA said about Rahul…… DEBO IT WAS YOU WHO SAID IT>> YOU ARE GETTING INFLUENCED SO COME OUT NOW…….

    rest was fun … NJOIED ALL THE PROGRAMS…

    RAHUL such a bugger now after Monica… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha one broken marriage and now this….

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