Bigg Boss 2 : Lonavla police demands footage of Bigg Boss

The much-hyped Big Boss show on a private channel may find itself in a soup as the Lonavla police, acting on a complaint of obscenity against the show, have asked the producers to send footages for verification. The show, which features Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi among others, is currently being shot in a Lonavla studio.

The complaint, accusing the participants of indulging in obscenity, was lodged at Andheri police station in Mumbai by Sunil Ahire, president of the Mumbai Youth Congress.

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  1. I have stopped watching BB2 since the last nominations,so have my friends family and colleagues who wud watch it of and on.Yesterdays vote proved that this season (especially the nominations) are totally manupilated for TRPS whoch someone shud tell the channel it is not working. the show is being played out in favour of Raja and ashutosh and not Rahul as we cud have thought earlier.How else cud u explain debojit’s ouster in place of Diana(a big shock and a farce) and Ashutosh (village idiot and a shrewd cunning player) and even Raja(do people really vote for foul mouthed,disrespecting woman and insulting anyone who comes his way ,basically a bad person?) Their official site doesn’t print anything against Raja.Its a bad classic example of a show stooping to any level for TRPS.No intelligent sane person wud watch this show give the present scenario. Rememer Rahul’s supporters and by that way against Raja(Rakhi monica,payal and later even Ehsaan and now deb) were voted out,Sambhavana and ketaki who went against Raja were mooted out.There are so many more instances,the latest being BB’s intervention in deciding the nomintions this week.If they had been fair they wud have placed Raja and Ashutosh in the nominations cos it was shown from the begiining that they planned the nominations.
    This has spoiled the credibility of the show and by that even the channel for airing it.

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