Bigg Boss 2 : Ehsaan is out from Bigg Boss Season 2

Its Official, Ehsaan Qureshi is out from the bigg boss’s house. He was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 2.He was beaten by Ashutosh and Debojit.

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  1. Muslims and christians cant withstand SMS pressure.

  2. vo to pata chal hi gaya tha…
    ab kisi n kisi ko to nikalna hi hai….
    shilapaji aap bahot sundar hai…

    big boss me boliye sab sirf hindi boliye….plsssss

  3. doston dhanyawad aap sabhi ka ashutosh ki victory mein . I know that many of you have voted to save him . Personally i voted 50 votes to save him still i doubt he was behind debojit . Its better indication for us to be more aware in future . Lets be united and vote for him in bulk if he gets nominated again . I know that we ashu’s fan have the liberty to vote in bulk and we can do it so if we all vote for him in bulk he will surely leave debojit behind . at least thanks you a ton god bless you and get ready for future

  4. now next target must be rahul …….he must be out

  5. rahul must go.. its irritating for watching his stupid behaviour for monica….i dont know when he wl be grown up… stupid stupid and stupid…. be a man rahul…

  6. Its kinda becoming a Big Bore 2 show…….! Too sickening to watch Rahul most of the time.

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