Bigg Boss 2 : Punishment time in the Bigg Boss House

Every house has some rules and regulations for peaceful coexistence. Many housemates have openly flouted the rules. The two members in the house who have shown disregard to the given instructions are Diana Hayden and Ashutosh Kaushik.

Earlier this week Diana was punished because she would often forget to put her mic. Diana had been repeatedly told to be mindful of her mic and still she kept overlooking her mistake.

She did not pay attention and Bigg Boss came up with a difficult punishment. Diana could not talk to any of the housemates throughout the day. Any conversation could be done only through Sign Language. Diana accepted the punishment and now she would never forget her camera.

Bigg Boss punished Ashutosh for his laziness. He has a bad habit of sleeping during the daytime which is totally prohibited in the house. He would put the shades and sleep through the day. Bigg Boss has finally understood his tactic.

According to the punishment, Ashutosh was asked to sleep to his heart’s content. Ashutosh was not allowed to do anything except sleep with his glasses on the eyes and violin playing in the background. All the housemates envied him for being given such a punishment. Diana even complained that her punishment was tougher than Ashus’s.

Ashutosh easily got bored of sleeping because of the background music. Then he apologized to bigg boss and promised that from next time onwards he would wake up early in the morning. To add humor, he even became a ‘murga’.
Bigg Boss is trying hard to instill discipline in these housemates. such innovative punishments are truly welcome for these notorious members.

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