Bigg Boss 2 : Love raining in house of Bigg Boss

Day by Day Bigg Boss going to be interested ,While Rahul and Monica form one love angle for the viewers, the other interesting relationship is the one between Ashutosh Kaushik and Diana Hayden.

The romance between them is very subtle unlike the Rahul-Monica ballad or the Payal-Rahul saga.

One really thought that she had her head on her shoulders earlier, but everyone is now loving a thoroughbred Miss World falling in love with a total rustic like Ashutosh, who has won a show like MTV Roadies earlier.

Ashu and Diana have now been praying that the other is surely not evicted and they have a little more time for their romance to blossom.

2 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Love raining in house of Bigg Boss”

  1. rahul besan hai
    rahul bobby darling hai

  2. I dont like Diana’s domination in the kitchen and keeping ashutosh under her control.
    this week ashutosh should go out and the show will be more interested. without ashutosh,
    what diana can do as she wont talk freely with others.

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