Bigg Boss 2 : Debojit is out from Bigg Boss Season 2

Its Official, Debojit Saha is out from the bigg boss’s house. He was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 2.

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  1. The Big boss script maynot be rigged but the eviction is.
    As we have seen till now all the people who are good and donot add to the masala, which for sure isnot possible.
    How is it possible that so popular ppl who have been loved by people and have been voted by so many ppl in other shows ,loose in this show.
    This eviction was total unjust from the point of view of public,but very obvious frm the TRP point of the show.
    Now only 2 groups exist
    1: Rahul , Zulfi and Monica.
    2: Raja,Diana and Ashu.

    Now 3 are against 3.I am sure the next would be eliminating either Monica or Diana, and in the end there will be 3 men for sure Raja and Rahul and the third will be either Ashu or Zulfi(more chances) and finally Rahul will be the winner. The only thing surprises me is who is voting Raja.
    Had all this been real,it would have been fun to watch.It is reduced to total drama and no truth at all.
    Big Boss 1 was much better than this one.
    Big Boss 2 is only abt masala, and TRP.
    I am wondering what Big Boss 3 will be like.

  2. nooo….come on..Diana is so annoying..i have to skip the part when Diana opens her mouth …she is another Payal

  3. I think debojit should not have been out of the house.This is injustice.India likes people like debojit at their home,everybody wants a debojit at their places not rahul mahajan.So,we dont kow whether
    this show is produced by rahul mahajan and he is doing everything,because he’s the most
    disliked and hatered person ,now in India.He should go out of the show,otherwise it would be true that this show was planned by him for his publicity.But his image his spoiled,rahul mahajan should be out
    of the show.

  4. Shilpa Must show to us who got how many votes….they are evicting the people who seems
    to be bore but in actual who gets how may votes …must be shown so that we dont point on
    credibility of the show…

    Is this will happen then next no is if ZULFI…

    then monica+rahul—-1 couple…
    ashu+daina– other n raja is also a strong candidate …

  5. Unfortunate .. Diana should have been out !!

  6. hey how can people blame about the game……….as we see that nomonation is done by the people of the we cant say that it is also planed by the organiser…
    anyways i like the show too much..its worth watching….
    Frankly speaking Rahul and Raja are doing well..that will stay till end not becos of any favor but becos they are worthy and good for everthing to stay in Big Boss house..
    Hat’s off to Silpa..she is hosting ti very well…and her dress designer…….
    Good show to all Bigg Boss members and organiser..
    keep it up
    Vivek ( Sonu)

  7. This appears all made up…..It just does’nt appear realistic. There should have been an external auditing company monitoring the show proceedings. It appears Debojit was the ultimate victim yesterday.

  8. The nominations and the eviction all seem to be planned this time. Debojit was not contributing to any masala and so he was evicted. Had the nominations been like earlier Raja, Ashutosh and Rahul would have been nominated. But becoz eliminating anyof them would mean eliminating fun making person and being left with debojit who is not doing anything catchy in the house. Debojit, Diana, Monica were not planning consipiracies but still they were nominated. Now going by the trend Zulfi would be eliminated if he is nominated this time coz he is also not contributing to any masala either!

  9. please throw Diana out, i can’t stand her anymore. I always have to mute the moment she opens her one side you have Aishwara and Priyanka Chopra as miss world and on the other side you have Diana…

  10. Zulfi must win the show as he is very sober and decent in nature. On the whole his appearance had been very good with other roommates.

    Monica: Good but very back on wild card entry
    Rahul: Must not win as he has political influence
    Raja: Worst language
    Ashutosh: N/A
    Diana: Joined in the middle of the show

    Zulfi must win

  11. i got a news that Sanjay Nirupam(politician) has allegedly paid money to Raja and Diana. Raja was paid to abuse Rahul and put him down whenever he could and then say nice things so that it won’t look like a deliberate attempt. Diana was paid to put Rahul down with all her coached stupid know everything words otherwise we all know that Diana is a smart ass

  12. Debojeet was not supposed to leave the show just because he did not contribute any masala he is out. Zulfi must win the show as he is very sober and decent in nature. On the whole his appearance had been very good with other roommates.

    Monica: Good but very back on wild card entry
    Rahul: Must not win as he has political influence
    Raja: Worst language
    Ashutosh: N/A
    Diana: Joined in the middle of the show

    Zulfi must win

  13. I too think Big Boss2 is v much entertaining….!!!! u call it masala…or for TRP…but thts wht game is about…!!! Anyone cant just win game…by keeping silent throughout game…!!! There should be drama…in house and thats what is happening….

    Rahul,Raja and Ashutosh are doing great….!!! But winner should be among Rahul and Ashutosh as Raja and Monica were lucky as they were brought back again…..!!! Diana irritates a lot….and Zulfi is quiet man…..he doesnt talk …just boring to c him……

  14. Show is a manipulated one ….as this show is editing later on so BB wud have seen that this time’s nomination is rahul n monica so he has played a game by showing his kind heartedness on DIWALI festival … make the show lucartive …..BOSS …this is only for TRP we are befooled by BB…anyhow think +ve and May God give the housemates once again that mind in which they has nominated rahul n monica ……Next week rahul n monica must be nominated ……………..

  15. We are in Sharjah and how we can get to see the Bis Boss programme live every friday. Also pls confirm COLORS channel transmission in this part of world.

  16. It is injustice , debojit should not have been out of the house, because he was the only impartial person of the house. i request to BIGBOSS please back Debojit again in bigboss house. environment of your house will be fantastic if Debu back again.

  17. I have a comment regarding the next nomination in which Rahul, Monica, Raja and Ashu are nominated. I am wondering why did Bigg boss choose Raja and Ashu since they had 2 votes while Rahul and Monica had 3! I agree with those who think this game is planned to favor Rahul. Whenever he is involved, all the rules get manipulated.

  18. Why Debojeet is out from Bigg Boss ?

    Now a days i realised that no body is liking big boss. because, of bad game, which is doing by big boss him self.
    Why rahul mahajan is inside, how come he should be inside. because of big boss.
    If we show the popularity of big boss, we can realised that people like debojeet than any body else in this big boss.

    It may be big boss fevere rahul because he is making this game, and nobody is looking power to let him out. We never see tyhe voting margin, nither they can saw us.

    Big boss if you want to make this big boss sucess fully then please return debojeet in this game.

  19. plz guide me sir,

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