Bigg Boss 2 : No one was nominated from the Bigg Boss house for eviction this week.

Even as the housemates wondered as to who would be nominated, especially after Bigg Boss had nominated everyone last week, Bigg Boss decided that no one would be evicted this week.

Even the voting lines of the show have been closed for the week.

This would mean that either there will be more nominations next week or perhaps there will be an extension of the show by a few more days.

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  1. the reason was rahul and monica were supposed to be nominated..if it wud have been raja and
    zulfi then this wud not have happened …as ashu n diana are also couple …..

  2. New Delhi: Initially one of the weakest candidates, “Bigg Boss” participant Rahul Mahajan has now sprung a surprise as the hot favourite of punters who have placed bets running into millions of rupees on his winning the TV reality show.According to rough estimates provided by bookies and punters, at least Rs.800 million Rs.80 crores) is riding on Rahul, who is the son of late Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Pramod Mahajan and was arrested here on charges of drug possession and consumption in 2006.Rahul is among the six contenders who still remain in the “Bigg Boss” house as the show, which began in August, nears conclusion.”Earlier Rahul was seen as one of the weakest candidates. But now no one doubts his chances of winning the television show. He is witty, sharp and now the most popular among housemates as well as in the outside world,” a city-based bookie told IANS on condition of anonymity. Rahul’s closest contender is model-turned-actor Zulfi Sayed with bets of Rs.650 million/Rs.60 crores) on him. Raja Chaudhary, whose only claim to fame is his divorce from television star Shweta Tiwari, shares space with Ashutosh Kaushik, winner of the “MTV Roadies” show, with Rs.200 million/Rs.20 crores) each. Former Miss Universe Diana Hayden is seen as the lame duck in the race with hardly any punters favouring her. But Monica Bedi, former starlet and ex-girlfriend of underworld mobster Abu Salem, has a slim chance.
    Participants are shown living inside the “Bigg Boss” house, totally cut off from the world outside. House inmates are routinely evicted as per an audience poll. The person who remains till the end is proclaimed the winner.
    “We believe Rahul’s political background and controversial past have earned him a lot of publicity,” the bookie said. “The way he has survived five eviction nominations has actually forced people to think that he will not lose because of some backing from outside. How did Rahul Mahajan the characterless man and the drug addict survive the eviction five times and why did the mad man Rahul Mahajan survive the eviction five times the whole world knows that the family Rahul Mahajan have given free cell phones to his Native Villagers and they are asked to vote to save the mad, mad Rahul Mahajan endless number of times. Their cell phone bills are footed by the family members of the Late Pramod Mahajan. It is a shame and a sham for the reality show Bigg boss and the reality show in our country becomes the unreality show. To say the least even the sms and the votes are rigged and manipulated by KPMG and the Bigg Boss show together it is shame it is sham it Is a scam to gain dirty cheap publicity and KPMG and Bigg Boss together go to any length and extent to derive the cheapest publicity shame on us shame on our people we have a head which cannot think of good things we think of gaining mileage from a man who is nothing but a dirt and a filth in society. citizens of India think rationally think with your heart and brains think with depth and kick out, throw out and Evict out Rahul Mahajan the characterless man the drug addict man from the Bigg Boss house

  3. This was one of the best decisions of Big Boss. Diana and Ashu should be kicked out frm the house immediately becuase they are just creating unwanted fuss. I dont understand why Diana is after Rahul frm thevery first day aswell she hates Monica strongly. Why cant she bludy look into her self who has become a big tym drama quine after Sambhavna. Ashu is illetrate, illmannered n full of conspiracy obviously. And Diana is a big tym item.
    See now winner should be frm Rahul, Monika and Zulfi becasue they all are decent. They all are playing so fair.

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