Bigg Boss 2 : all the housemates are woken up to the energetic Airtel tune

Early morning, Payal is seen chatting with Zulfi about Rahul being insecure as Rahul feels Bigg Boss is not playing a fair game with the return of Payal and Sambhavana. She also remarks that Monica has been hiding stuff from Rahul. Payal comments that Rahul must be under the spell of Black Magic as he is not his usual self!

Later Payal taunts Rahul about being insecure and tells Raja too about Rahul’s insecurity. Raja is seen discussing with the other housemates how they plan to win the 1 crore prize money!

Later during the day Bigg Boss gives a task to the housemates -The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. In this task all the housemates have to run 21 kms on the treadmill wearing the Airtel T- Shirt and the task has to continue without stopping.

Rahul begins the task .Rahul and Ashutosh plan out the task distances … who will run when… Poking fun at the task, Ashutosh pretends to trip and bandages his knee. Meanwhile Sambhavana and Monica are fooling around in the kitchen.

Monica and Rahul are seen talking; he tells her that she is too idle while she calls him a ‘Buddha’! Sambhavana tells Rahul that he managed to ‘patao’ Monica very quickly. Monica blushes.

Late in evening Payal gets the house budget of 1200 hundred from the confession room. All the housemates make the budget and Payal along with Ashutosh returns it to the confession room.

Ashutosh and Sambhavana tease Diana saying,” Main Kya Karoon “and also talk about their relationship.

Night falls with Zulfi making a few predictions and chatting with Sambhavana and Payal and Diana stating that she would want only Ashutosh to win.

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