Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss assigns a new task ‘Barrier breaks when people talk’

Today all the housemates are woken up to ‘Yuhi Chala Chal’ song from the movie ‘Swades’. The housemates are busy cleaning Shit and Piss of special guest Kut(Dogy).

Bigg Boss calls Monica and gives her letter, costumes and song CD related to the weekly task. The letter says that the housemates need to take the task seriously. Today’s song is ‘Sachi ek kahani hai’ from the movie ‘Kabhi haa kabhi na’. Raja explains Monica how the song is choreographed in the Movie.

Later in the episode, Bigg Boss assigns a new task ‘Barrier breaks when people talk…’ to the housemates. Bigg Boss also provides them sheets and pens which they have to hang it on their back. Also, they have to write any good or bad message about the inmates on each others back and the housemate is not supposed to read the note written on his back till the task ends. All of them write messages on each others back and after the task ending alarm is played everyone reads the messages written on his/her sheet.

Monica takes the task seriously and practises the steps for the song and later when Bigg Boss plays the alarm all the housemates are seen rehearsing on the song.

Further in the episode, Bigg Boss calls all the housemates one by one to ask about their journey in Bigg Boss house and if given a chance which housemate they would like to nominate and which evicted housemate should re-enter the house. The housemates express their view about the same.

In the evening, the task alarm is rung and all the housemates perform on the song.

Later, Bigg Boss gives ‘Bigg Boss Man hunt’ task to the housemates wherein the boys will have to walk the ramp in 3 different costumes i.e. Ethnic, Formal and Party Wear. Monica is the judge for this task. After the ramp walk gets over, Raja claims that Monica is biased towards Rahul and that’s why she has given more marks to Rahul. But eventually Raja is chosen as Mr. Bigg Boss and after hearing this he becomes very happy.

5 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Bigg Boss assigns a new task ‘Barrier breaks when people talk’”

  1. With Bigg Boss support Raja and Rahul’s nomination was made as fake nomination which was unfair for other contestants. Rahul or Raja must not be the winner’s as they were saved by the Big Boss.

  2. Raja wins Mr. Big Boss.

    I hope he will win Big Boss 2 also, we all know he is the biggest entaintainer, BIGGER THAN RAHUL.

    As Rahul behaved like child, RAJA behaved like a MAN


    sushant sah

  3. No more excitement in Big boss. It has become very boring

  4. I think Ashutosh is going to win the title
    I watch every day without missing and
    I also want to participate in the game if i got a chance in season 3 if there
    So no comments on the show and it is very nice game upto my knowledge.

    Thanks & Regards
    Nanda Kishore Yadav

  5. I think yesterday when Rahul Mahajan, Zulfi Sayed , Raja Chaudhary & Ashutosh escaped from
    the house they are not supposed to declare the winners. In case any of the one wins this Big
    Boss title it would all be TRPs new game for publicity rather they should allow one more wild card
    entry in this Big Boss to declare winner

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