Bigg Boss 2 : Diana jump into any argument till the other person was rattled

Monica Bedi’s Second inning in Boss Boss Come to end This Friday. Monica Bedi had a major panga with Diana Hayden in Bigg Boss house Second Season.

In Akhri Salam with Pooja Bedi She Said “I don’t know what’s her problem yaar! She would jump into any argument and go on till the other person was rattled. When I couldn’t take it, I ticked her off. Later, I apologised, but she wasn’t ready to see my point of view. Maybe, I will get to clear the misunderstanding in the finale,”.

5 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Diana jump into any argument till the other person was rattled”

  1. monika ur big fake yaar dont anything about diana u should learn
    her honesty, simple, intelligent, descent girl in bb house …………..
    diana is best she should win the bb game she is the best
    please bb honest person win this game bring it diana debo, kethki

    diana ur rockig baby we love u

  2. Diana, I liked you in the begining in BB2. But I must confess you let us down…
    Your behaviour was quite offensive with certain housemates….you seemed really biased while nominating people (hardly had any truth and logic in your reasoning..)…
    could not believe you could behave so irrational…do you think Rahul and Monica deserved what you were doing to them…
    at least I think no, they didn’t….towards the end of your days in BB2 I used to skip your footage there, Imagine how despicable you became, merely by not applying your head before passing judgment for others….

  3. I think naira is right ; as without even spening time with monica, Diana nominated her. Being a gal i shd not say this but i feel tat was all bcoz of her jaelous and insecurity. Whether Monica is fake or not , we cant comment but one thing is clear that she is harmless . she didnt even opened her mouth untill Diana started hating her openly. Diana may be good person but definately biased and insecured.

  4. i think Daina was honest….. everyone could see that monica was faking is not sooo innocent as she portrays to be….

    about being biased… Monica was always biased towards rahul….

    as a person diana never commented on monica’s relationship with rahul……who possed as romantic couple on tv n now say just good friends….. hahaha

    but monica is commenting on diana’s relationship with Ashu…..who were good friends always n portrayed the same on tv…
    monica is telling that diana is in love with Ashu… who is she to comment on their relation….. she shuld look at her own relation with rahul who used talk alone with him bathroom….. soo disgusting….

    u can comment on others…. only when u r clear…… but monica to hide her dirt is blaming daina…..

    she is very manipulative gal …. in the beging i thought she was innocent…. n felt bad for her…… after her re-entry i know she……. is no innocent…. my god what a gals…. i hate rahul…. but god save him….

  5. hi..I am not agree with you guys.As I think Diana was much better than Monika..she always did bitching about Diana behind her but Diana always wanted to make things clear. she has done lots of work in kitchen never felt bad and irritation .She was so simple and decent girl not any footage you can see in big boss house about Diana..even she has never asked to any member for not giving her name in nomination but monika she was all the time afraid and convincing members for protect her.Even she was with Rahul because she know he is a strong man and can support her everywhere.I don’t like monika’s activities all the time she was like a big selfish and mean girl.One side she called raja brother and other side she nominated him.

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