Bigg Boss : Raja’s emotional display in Bigg Boss just for sake of publicity : Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari, wife of none other then Raja Chaudhary, the real king of Bigg Boss season 2.
Shweta finally breaks her long silence and bares her heart on Raja, their daughter and her own life.

Here are excerpts:

On Raja’s emotional outburst in the Bigg Boss house:

Raja’s emotional display for me and my daughter Palak inside the Bigg Boss house is just for the sake of publicity. I know Raja Chaudhary inside out. I don’t even need to watch Bigg Boss 2 to know how he is behaving there. I can guess. I am a person who is rooted to cultural values and marriage holds a lot of significance to me. That is the reason why I did not want to end my marriage and I tolerated Raja for eight long years. Had it been any other girl, she would have run away in just one year.

On Raja celebrating her birthday inside the Bigg Boss house:

He can celebrate whoever’s birthday he wishes to.

On Raja’s recent announcement where he stated that if he won he would give half the prize money to his daughter:

It is his money. He can give it to who ever he wants. I have nothing to do with that. As far as my daughter’s financial support is concerned, she is well looked after by me and she doesn’t need anything else from anyone.

On Raja’s plea:

(Raja has often mentioned that he is desperate for his daughter Palak and even pleads that she meet him at least once)

There must be a reason why a child does not want to go to her father. She has seen certain things about him which she shouldn’t have been subjected to at such a young age. But I would be the happiest if she accepts him. Now she is too young to understand things. I hope she develops a liking towards him once she grows up.

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  1. Its was realy sad to watch todays episode, this shows that any one can break rule and whatever
    big boss says does’nt make any difference..i was suprised no action was taken i even now feel
    this is a scripted show as inspite of breaking the most impt rule there was no fine imposed or
    action taken..i have watched this show regularly but now its realy become boring and irritating
    with the kind of stuff shown….Big Boss orders have become mockery nw

  2. Raja is completely fake. He was nominated due to his dirty behavior with Sambhavna which was
    made as fake nomination. Zulfi’s appearance throughout the show was decent and good so he
    should win the show.
    Rahul has political contacts: Not a winner as he is a player
    Ashu: Good person but compared to Zulfi is is 2nd

  3. Raja should not win at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yesterdays (mond- 17nov.) episode was absolutely a shameful act by the Big House Players. How can they break the rule in such a rude manner as they did. I condemn this act and would request BIG BOSS to take action against them… Probly disqualify them from the show. The house is meant for struggling life which they need to face it, and this show is know for that. We viewers watch it because of all these clauses.

    That was really disgusting….

  5. I kind of enjoyed these four guys jumping the wall and getting out. It bought a twist in the show. 90 days being couped inside a house is not easy. If people they should be punished for breaking rules then in that except Diana, Kiritiki and Alina nobody else would have survived. Everyone else broke rules, morals etc etc.

  6. After yesterday’s act of all 4 contenders in the house, Big Boss is sounding now a mear joke………… i doubt weather the producers of
    Big Boss would be able to present Big Boss Season 3 if things are moving like this in season 2 !

  7. Raja should win we like him. his temper, behaviour is natural.shwetha don’t leave him.
    we seen you in nachbaliye dance compitation in that time you both are so cried for his illness. now u started hating him. really bad.God bless u both together again.

  8. Rajaa i like you. you are real gentleman. you will be the winner good luck.

  9. raja is good
    he keep playing mind games
    rahul should win big boss

  10. its very intresting, i want to see bigboss 3 also if it comes

  11. I Want to say Shweta Tiwari give one chance to raj………..plz………………….

  12. Big boss2 is indeed a good programme to watch and i have seen all its episodes. I must say, rahul and raja ( especially raja) are the real TRP makers and probably, its because of Raja only the Big Boss2 has got its success. No other players were bold, humorous and drama makers. Every episode, Raja kept on making the viewers glued with his comments and acts. I admit, Raja will not be a winner, but objective of the programme is attained through him and this programme is one among the highest viewed programme. since there is no evidence of vote received and no authenticity or proof for the eviction, i feel BB2 management has evicted participants according to their needs and TRP making participants. BB2 also made amendments and broke rules as per their wishes. Iam sure, most of the viewers must have predicted the series of eviction much earlier. Surely BB2 is a good and entertaining programme but could not maintain the enthu with new innovative ideas in latter episodes… iam sure, there will be a twist today also for rahul mahajan and he will be announced as the winner:. Nair, media personality

  13. come on yaar afterall its a show not as real as we presume… there were many ways to stop this happening isnt it?? afterall food was served to them eventually. Then why all this naatak?? just to make the show a bit spicy this twist was necessary. In every act that Rahul indulges there is a reason, he is a leader in making and this one shows the leadership quality in him. He has already proclaimed that he will be the next youth president. so this was very much required for him. Afterall bigg boss is helping him as per his requirement.



  15. shweta tiwari cannot c the success of raja thats why she s blaming false things to him. raja s 100 times better than her.she s shameless.

  16. Raja is too good person he should be win this 90 days examination ,raja i love u all india love u

  17. Raja is too good person he should be win this 90 days examination ,raja i love u all india love u its hot

  18. raja dont worry u will win …….n i lov u alot

  19. Raja is very short tempered guy, who cant control his anger.

    Rahul left the house because he wanted to.

    I Think Zulfi should win Bigg Boss 2 because he is the only one Decent guy in BB2.

  20. plzzzz shweta plzzzzzzzz at da finale u accept raja in frnt of whole world…….n u see hw much he ll cry n happy??
    nathng ll matter he ll win da real race he wanted 2 win…..plzzz do it shweta

  21. raja u have realy improved ur personality .u look more smart then before.
    i thnk u realy a very gud and geniune person by heart bt the -ve thng is that u r very impulsive and react to the thgs very fast …………
    realy wana see u happy with ur faimly god bless u.
    u realy hv a grt sense of humour which make show more exciitng.
    all the best.

  22. raja is true champ & he is very interesting in all manner…


    Raja will win the Show,
    No one is perfect in this world.I read ,saw Shweta Tiwari was not supportive to Raja,U can watch every episode of Nach Balia ,Raja was very supportive to her.Its all Media’s mistake,He was frustrated and media caught him that time.Imagine if u were in his place what was ur reaction???? Even Shweta Tiwari’s co-actors calls her Immature. Raja is very systematic(u can c he alone used trade mill ) seems to be very neat and tidy.

  24. mI think that ashutosh will win the bigg boss because he has a financial problem & he is best for bigg boss season 2 .in all the manner .

  25. Please give full vote for ashutosh . He is the best men Because now all others are fully politicians in bigg boss zulfi is emotionless raja is like bhadkao . please vote for ashutosh

  26. i think asutosh is the most deserving candidate in big boss 2

  27. because he is the gronded person

  28. Raja shud win this game ..he deserve this…inspite of many flaws in him….one thig is very gud is that…he is ..very clear minded person…nd i like this…

    i no that u no him very well..but…i can just say that…everyone deserve a 2nd chance nd…this life is a gr8 bless by god…we shudnt waste it in anger or revange….so…just give him a 2nd chance…


  30. RAJA has improved a lot his image in the society now, before BIG BOSS, every one was in the favor of Shweta only and we never know what was actually happening between both. But now as Raja is equally and even more famous than Shweta, so she is feeling the pressure and making statements.

    Well RAJA ROCKS, but I want ASHU as the winner of the show, because Raja and zulfi both will et benefits from this show, but i don’t think Ashu can act in bollywood or in any TV serial, so if he wins at least he can fulfill his and his fa,ily’s dreams. ASHU ASHU AHSU…..

  31. I’ve been watching the BB2 since beginning..In my opinion Zulfi is going to win the race..a real gentleman… Wish him good luck….

  32. Why raja dragged Rahul when drona costumes were distributed…he fought with Rahul…later dragged him by his legs as if was dragging a dead animal..why did he behave that violent…??? I HATE THAT CUNNING BRAT TO THE CORE…every time he talks to anyone actually he is telling the public how bad this guy is or that person is.. still he does the same..but if at anyone else does the same thing he never tolerates it…

  33. raja u rock man…..u are the real one who shld win the game….
    u show ur real personality intead of fake one …….u wll win the game i am 100% sure….

  34. Raja,you will win BIGG BOSS 2. I am very very very sure that you will win this game and my request to sweta that plz accept again to raja bz he is very goodperson.plz plz plz sweta do this plz plz plz.

  35. We r watching short tempered raja bt we cnt c his loveing attitude .whoever may b the winner in big bss house, He is true winner of life’s house

  36. vote for raja

  37. Dear Sweeta,
    Atleast you should give a chance to Raja. After all you earlier said about rooted to cultural values .

  38. Definitily Raj will win bcoz the Raja Choudhary is the right person/finalist for the Bigg Boss. Actually he have all the qualityties to win the bigg Boss final.

  39. I think the prize money should be forefeited as the finalists had broken a very BIG rule. Declare the winner and dont give them the money. None of them deserves it!!

  40. Raj is the real winner. Shweta has over reacted in the past and is over reacting again. She should not forget she has a daughter too. No one can replace father in a child’s life. She is already in her mid middle age. Its time for her daughter to grow and achieve. For the sake of her daughter she should try to re-unite with RAJA.

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