Bigg Boss 2 : Rahul has been very co-operative and tolerant : Monica Bedi

Rahul Mahajan’s eviction from Bigg Boss has come as a surprise to many, especially his close friends. Monica Bedi claimed that she learnt of the eviction from the media, and ‘has no clue’ why he was evicted.

“If he is evicted, it is bad news,” she says. “He was one of the strongest contenders to win Bigg Boss. I am really disappointed. I wish it is not true.” Monica was evicted from the house only last week, and was Rahul’s closest friend while they were in the house. There were even rumours of a romance between them.

“It is a big surprise because Rahul is a very tolerant guy,” Monica says. “For the last 90 days, he has been very co-operative and tolerant, and kept his ego in check. He has never done anything against Bigg Boss. Even if he has, he has been the first one to apologise.

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