Bigg Boss 2 : Why Rahul opt out of the Bigg Boss House?

Rahul Mahajan opt out of the reality show Bigg Boss but the reality show seems to have earned him his second soul mate in Monica Bedi. It was initially thought to be a one sided affair but now it seems cupid has also stricken Monica.

Monica revealed that she knows Rahul’s feeling for her are genuine and he wants to marry her. But before such a commitment she would like to talk to him off the cameras which was not possible during their stay at the Bigg Boss house. She added that although she trusted Rahul she was skeptical about marriage as she had committed a grave mistake in the past.

Bigg Boss proved lucky for both Monica and Rahul as they improved upon their public image which was tarnished by their acts in the past. Rahul was the strongest contender to win the show but for his mistake lost out before the Grand Finale. He may have lost interest in the show once Monica was evicted.

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