Bigg Boss 2 : Why Opinion Poll is not showing 100% Results?

Some people has asked the question that why’s opinion poll (on the right side bar of every page) percentage total is not 100%?

So I Zareef Ahmed, the administrator of this website has decided to write about how our poll system works?

We have started this poll since first of week of the Bigg Boss season 2 and the vote percentage you are seeing for a candidate is the total number of votes since that time. We only remove/hide the contestants who left the house.

But we did not mingle with the total number of votes in the opinion poll so the percentage is being calculated on the total number of votes. So when you see that 27% percent people like Raja, it only means that RAJA got 27% of total votes recorded so far since first week of the show.

This works like our normal election system in India where people get elected when they get 27% percent.

You can also see this in a way that 73% people are against the RAJA.

Note To Uttia Majumdar :

You are seeing total 100% because now poll is different and have only two options since start of the poll.

6 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 : Why Opinion Poll is not showing 100% Results?”

  1. Zulfi don’t worry about the fact that you did not win. Atleast you have shown your class and sophistication – the two most
    important things for a person to have.
    I feel Debojit and Rahul will make good friends for a person like you.
    Ideally, the car should have come to you.

  2. Dear mr Zareef Ahmed

    This time the percentage total is 100%.

  3. Please convey Ashu – Congratulation. We are unable to wish him because we don’t have his
    number or email ID .
    Wish you all the best for future.

    If possible – ask Ashu to reply to people who voted him.

  4. keep singing

  5. This show is realy fact. Ths how is most popular in my home. So I am talling Your’s shoe owners ……

    is ths SHOW MOST GO ON…………………..

  6. Congrats for ue BB-3 but i & some others also know who was the real winner who took our heart
    become our hero he is none other then raja choudhry. we just seen how some realty show on sony
    & real r phlop even an wild entrance of kashmira in one of the shoy but the sense of humour of Raja
    was not there so plz let us all see him again in big boss -3

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