Bigg Boss 2 Winner is Ashutosh Kaushik

Its Official

Bigg Boss 2 Winner is Ashutosh Kaushik

More Details very soon.

34 Responses to “Bigg Boss 2 Winner is Ashutosh Kaushik”

  1. congrats ashutosh

  2. he deserves this….

    congrats ashu!!

  3. congrats ashu………ashutosh kaushik


  5. many many congratulation to ashutosh kaushik, he really is a true winner.

  6. ashutosh clean heart and soul made him the winner of bigboss.keep it up

  7. congo ashutosh……………….ashutosh here…..

  8. congratulations ashu. u were so gud. perfectly deserving person.

  9. Ashu does not deserve as RAJA….. RAJA gave us all masala to watch…. ashu gave just CHAMCHA giri……. i feel bad for RAJA…..

  10. yippie yippie ashu has won

  11. I’m devastated that the only decent and classy person in this charade – Zulfi – did not win and did not even make it to the top two. If RM had still been in the show then Zulfi would not have been in the top 3. Says a lot for the pathetic mindset of this country… guess Zulfi never had a chance of getting a huge vote base since he was a muslim – regardless of his qualities – huh?

    To add insult to injury, a stupid, potty mouthed, rustic bumpkin (Ashu) ultimately won- guess he was really the representative of what the “real” India is like.

  12. I m very happy dat ashu has won,may be diana wil now say ‘i love u’ to ashu openly.Ye RUB NE BANA DI JODI hai.

  13. Even though I voted for Zulfi, still I am not sad that he was not won. Because if he would have won then he would have created a lot of enemies. A nice person like Zulfi does not need enemies, he needs friends. The whole world may not like him, but atleast his friends like him and want him, that is why they came to receive him on the final day. He was happy that he had reached the final because that itself is an achievement. Zulfi please do not change
    as a person, please remain like this always.

    I am also happy that Raja has not won, because he did not appear to be genuine and he used very abusive languages all the time.

    I am happy for Ashutosh that he has won. Though I was surprised that he won because he is not sophisticated and does not have good mannerisms. He cannot even speak in English, is this what we are showing to the world as a true Indian by declaring him the winner. Anyway, hope this win and the big prize money does not change him as a person.

    One thing was very clear from the final results – to win something like Bog Boss, you do not need to be a good human being, sophisticated and classy like Zulfi. Don’t worry Zulfi, people who value sophistication and class will value human beings like you.

  14. ashutosh
    u deserved mtv roadies
    u were the winner from day one
    last tym it was u and nihal
    this tym u and raja
    are the winner
    u hve brain, guts and intelligence
    i love u
    my blessings beta
    (i am 43 and an yogi i have the right to bless u)
    jai gurudev

    Yogi Vinay

  15. Congrats Ashu……….Lekin Rahul Mahajan Bada Dilwala kabhi nahi ho sakta. Sab usne nakhre kiye hai.Bahut ghatiya aadmi hai Rahul Mahajan.

  16. congrates ashu……seriously u deserve this…iam ur fan frm roadies itself….u have very gud nature and future i wish u to be succesfull in ur future………..i like u so much……especially ur language…….anyways all the best for ur future……..have fun

  17. i was pretty sure that ashu will be the winner on the first day of biggboss becoz i hav seen his attitude on roddies…………

  18. ***…. I am very very very happy because Raja Chaudhary is not a winner of Bigg Boss 2 …

  19. Ashutosh u deserved d tytle of BIGG BOSS bcoz u were d bst participant in whole among all 16…….
    I saw u in Roadies also & frm d 1st day Roadies I liked u………..
    I hve voted 4 u……..
    The things which I liked of u r given below.
    1) U belongs 2 U.P.
    2) U are very simple.
    3) I really loved ur comedy between whole 3 months……
    4) And ur very gud, truthful and pure frndship wid Diana…….
    Yaar Diana must b ur girl frnd not Sonal bcoz I lyk Diana in comparision 2 Sonal…..
    But itz ur choice…..
    If Sonal iz ur choice, den she iz gud if not den also she iz gud…….
    But urs & Diana’s couple will b d 2nd bst couple in d world…….
    I like u very much & may God Bless u & fulfill ur all dreams…..
    Urs fan,

  20. u bastard snake denom.. get out of our country ..go to pakistan.

  21. “frosty” of india-forum writes “The day Rahul Mahajan was leaving the house, he told Ashutosh that he would make it a point and see that he (Ashutosh) wins this show”, reveals Zulfi.”(

    Was BB2 rigged? Consider that bookmakers placed the chances of Rahul’s winning the highest, followed by Zulfi and Raja. In the exact same order – Rahul “left” the show, followed by Zulfi’s “elimination” and Raja’s “defeat” on the day of the finale’.

    Ashu’s odds of winning were placed far lower. That also meant that any “insiders” or “in-the-know” people who bet large sums on Ashu stood to gain much more than the majority that bet on the other candidates, in case Ashu won.

    The real stakes in this show (said to be controlled from the Gulf via bookmakers in Mumbai) were far, far greater that the BB “award”. It is possible that endemol / viacom bigwigs colluded with certain people, maybe including RM, to ensure that a select few laughed the hardest all the way to the bank on Nov. 22. Public voting on BB may not have had much to do with the BB result.

    Or, the above is just a crazy conspiracy theory and a creature like Ashu really won ‘coz of the public vote… which is even scarier.

  22. You are the motivating person for all people …..Thanks Ashutosh

  23. Congrats to Zulfi for displaying exemplary poise, perspicacity and carrying himself with immense grace through 94 days of being cloistered in a human zoo.

  24. ZULFI RULEZ. Hope you get some really good breaks.

  25. ZULFI RULEZ! Hope you get some great breaks.

  26. I think if the votes are opened and counted , it’ll be Raja who might have won… I am damn sure public is not a fool to murder the desire and right of a deserving man.I think Mr.Kaushik should return the money and handover to the deserving Raja or donate it to my maid who is more needy with being the only bread winner at home and the only source of fund for her husband ailing with brain tumor and 2 children who dream to continue school

  27. ashutosh ??? clean heart and soul !!!
    If m not wrong !!! He’s the one who slapped Shambhavi in Roadies !!!
    Wow what an example had he set in respect to the women of India !!!
    I must say how daring he was to do such an act which was witnessed by every1 and has also shamelessly come to participate in another reality show and also collected so much kudos in it and has again given a hype to dirty shows like MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla…..

  28. congrates ashu
    i heartedly want that u win
    missing u

  29. bad selection he is not deserves it yery bad

  30. Did Ashu physically assault a woman earlier?

    Is it true that Ashu slapped a woman participant in Roadies? And folks in our country still voted him to victory in that show as well? Correct me if I”m wrong.

    This is unbelievable…

  31. How sad it is ? Ashutosh must be rejoicing backseat at this point of time of crisis in India since the attension has shifted from getting Raja his right to saluting our brave heroes who stood by the nation for our safety. But we can’t still 4get the unfairness\cheating done in Big Boss 2.

  32. nnjljnn

  33. cngrts ashu…

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