Bigg Boss Winner : Sabse Bada Dil Wala : Rahul Mahajan

As it was clear, Rahul has been declared as the sabse bada dilwala of bigg boss house.

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  1. He is Sabse bada dilwala

  2. Rahul is a very good politician – he knows how and when to mould the situation in his favour. He took voluntary exit from the
    Big Boss house and took the blame of the Saturday night incident on his shoulders, by doing this he was able to become the
    “Sabse Bada Dil Wala”. Ideally, this car should have to Mr Zulfi Syed.

    The final results of the Big Boss 2 has made one thing very clear – honesty cannot win prizes, if you want to win you will
    have to be dishonest and be selfish.

    At the end of the day, what counts is how well you are loved and accepted by your friends and family and relatives.
    In yesterday’s final episode, one thing that I liked is Rahul was the only person from among the Big Boss inmates who
    approached Zulfi when he came out of the house. I feel Rahul and also Debojit will make good friends for Zulfi.

    Sambhavana, inspite of all her natakbaazi inside the house, seems to be a good person at heart. But Sambhavana, please
    do not use abusive language about other human beings because just as you have a lot of self respect for yourself, similarly
    others also have a lot of self respect for themselves. Stop hating without reason and stop using abusive language, then
    you will see people will like you a lot more.

  3. Zulfi don’t worry about the fact that you did not win. Atleast you have shown your class and sophistication – the two most
    important things for a person to have.
    I feel Debojit and Rahul will make good friends for a person like you.
    Ideally, the car should have come to you.

  4. yaar sab ok hai par ludkiyon k piche kyan itna padte ho yaar,besti krate ho

  5. Dear Rahul,

    Actualy I am late to congratulates you for Bada Dil Wala due to busy schedule.

    Please accept my belated congratulation. you are real hero of the house of Big Boss II.



  6. Hi Rahul congratulations for Bade Dilwale I was out of the country so could’nt watch the final. I think you have done a excellent job. I wish uou all the best for your future. I miss Biggboss 2, you all were like a family to me.

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