Bigg Boss magic on stage

Sanjay and Zulfi wants to recreate the Bigg Boss magic on stage.

Sanjay said, “People who have loved the show will like the play too. I have spoken to Zulfi about it. I have told him that he has to produce the play. I have even spoken to Debojit as the story and his singing will go hand-in-hand.”
As for himself, he insisted, “I am a politician, let me be that only.”

Zulfi too was excited about the project, “I think we should do it. It will be a great idea if all the members of the Bigg Boss house agree. Alina, Debojit and I are doing it for sure. I will talk to Monica Bedi, Rahul Mahajan and Ashutosh Kaushik, after the New Year begins as they are busy with their New Year commitments. Participants from season one are also welcome. It will be a one-and-a-half hour show.”

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  2. plz take me in big boss

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