Bigg Boss : Jade Goody dies from cervical cancer

Jade Goody, a one-time dental assistant whose final days were as closely chronicled in the media as her appearances on reality television, died of cervical cancer early on Sunday.

The 27-year-old mother of two, who married her boyfriend in a televised ceremony only last month, died in her sleep at her home in Essex, southeast England.

Goody shot to fame in 2002 after appearing in Big Brother, a reality show in which people are locked in a house and their every move televised. Initially ridiculed for her apparent lack of education, she gradually won over the public with her straight-talking style.

She went on to become a regular in gossip magazines, wrote an autobiography and launched her own perfume, but her popularity sank in 2007 because of her racially charged tirades against an Indian housemate in Celebrity Big Brother.

Goody’s decision to die in the public gaze, in order to earn as much money as possible for her two young sons and publicize awareness of cervical cancer, largely restored her popularity.

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