Bigg Boss : Shilpa Shetty to host Bigg Boss Season 3

Bigg Boss is being planned to go on air from coming October. Fans of Shilpa Shetty will be rejoiced to know that she has been more or less confirmed for hosting the show yet again.

According to sources, “The channel has been in talks with Shilpa Shetty for hosting the second season and she seems to have given her nod, however she is still to be signed on the dotted line. The talks about the money factor are yet to be finalized. One can recall she was paid a bomb for hosting the show. But this year with the ongoing recession.”

“The makers of the show are also planning to bring a lot of variations in the show by adding more surprise elements and more interesting guests. Faces that have been constantly shown on TV for the last one year may be avoided because they are already over exposed. The hunt for the 12 house inmates is on.

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  1. rell sow

  2. this is not real sow

  3. this is a drama

  4. Shilpa Shetty (SS) out
    BB in Abhi Big

  5. please let rahul mahajan play the big boss

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