Bigg Boss 3 : Big B Took A Whopping 126 Crores For Bigg Boss 3

Amitabh Bachchan made headlines when he decided to host Kaun Banega Crorepati on Star Plus in early 2000. Big B will soon be back on the small screen, this time to host Bigg BossSeason 3.

The fact that Bachchan is now also officially the highest paid presenter on TV, is sure to add to the buzz surrounding his return.

Brought in as a replacement for Shilpa Shetty on Bigg Boss, the ‘Shahenshah’ of Bollywood will take home Rs 1.5 crore per episode. Multiply that by 84 episodes and what you get is a staggering Rs 126 crore paycheque for Bachchan.

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