Dara Singh’s Son Vindoo to flex his muscles on Bigg Boss

After the rumors of yogi Baba Ramdev joining the reality television bandwagon with Bigg Boss, now it’s the turn of wrestler/ actor Dara Singh’s son Vindoo Dara Singh to flex his muscles on Bigg Boss.

Vindoo who was last seen in Kambakkht Ishq, is a real-life controversy king; as his marriage was under the scanner recently when he left his wife for a Russian Model Dina. Vindoo was married to actress Tabu’s elder sister Farah, who was an actress herself.

Apparently, Vindoo landed up in a soup after marrying the Russian Model, as a German guy came up-to him and claimed Dina is still his wife and they are not legally separated!

16 Responses to “Dara Singh’s Son Vindoo to flex his muscles on Bigg Boss”

  1. I dont like Vindo.He thinks hes too good.He needs to learn how to talk to a lady.

  2. Over exposing himself unduly encashing the popularity of his father’s name & famee.He is himself nothing.He is also proving him self very nearer to Mr.Amitabh Bachhan Perhaps he is in because of him only. Sometimes it seems that He is favouring him. Otherwise what language he is using on the show is totally unconstitutional. What does he mean with ‘KAMEENE/KAMEENI’

  3. I like Raju very much becauase he keeps everyone laughing and also he is from our own state UP.

  4. I hate KRK because he keeps on showing his wealth. Are bhaiya tumhre paas wealth hai to hai hume kyu bata rahe ho. Agar hame daan karna chahte to ho kar do. Look on this cloth he has no style and look and he keeps on saying that he is super star. Ek movie kya bana li khud ko hero samjhta hai.

  5. hi vindoo i am big fan to our acting

  6. Big Boss show which has been hosted by Amitabh Bacchan is an worst thing ever happened in a reality shows. If someone else May be salman, amir would have been much better than amitabh.

    Comes too Dara Singh son (Gud for nothing) look at his face & his stupidity.

    KRK ; In the Big Boss 3 we have comedians, actors , actress along with a joker (KRK) Such an idiotic personality i had never seen in my life.

  7. i think vindoo is very much desi.i like him..

  8. Pravesh rana is a gay son of a bitch. waste of bigg boss house. mother fucker, mr india my foot.

  9. I think Vindu and Poonam is desrving candidate for finale. people should go out:-
    1, Parvesh 2. Adity and then Bakhtyar. These people are most fake and selfish.

  10. I think first Vindu and secondly Poonam, deserving to be big boss3, because the other members of bigboss house like Prevesh is over smart, Bakhtiyar is too much confused and boring and finally Adity, very selfish.
    But i shocked when Raju Srivastav was nominated.

  11. Hi vindu ilike to you very much.you very honest and i want to vote you and i always near.

  12. Vindoo thinks he is the only perfect person around. boasting all about himself. He is the worst i have ever come across. Always analysing all the other housemates and finding faults with others. Such a mean guy. He should have been thrown out by now. He does not deserve to be in the house anymore. the most undeserving candidate. If he wins i am sure it would be manipulation as he always says desh ka adesh what rubbish. You can buy votes and so will he if he wins.

  13. Pravesh seems to the only real guy around. Speaks his mind. Very outspoken. Cannot keep things to himself. I appreciate this quality. atleast he is not keeping grudge for anybody and speaks openly. That shows your heart and how honest u r. he deserves to win this contest. Being an ordinary person till he entered bigg boss i wish him all the very best and looking forward for him to win this show. Takes things sportingly inspite of being criticized and does not sulk. Great going pravesh keep it up. U deserve to win . All the very best dear.

  14. Talking about amitabh bachchan. He is the best host after shilpa shetty. He has great screen presence.I just luv him on the show. the way he presents himself is awesome. Hats off to him. The show is also success because of his presence.

    He has an great persona and he was superb as Auro. fantastic u literally forget that auro is amitabh bachchan himself. that is the beautyof his acting. Excellent work keep it up sir. I am a big fan of yours and will remain so ever. Luv u lots and best wishes in everything u do


  16. Vindo my brother u r the best. Don’t worry your India is and vl b with u always.
    I a common man is voting for u and u vl win this program. Bhai if ever u want talk to ur commoan man brother u can contact me.

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