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  3. Your show is 3rd class this time…U called them celebrities.. they all suck.. Pls if kamal khan is a hero then I am super star..pls if you want to earn good money then pls call good celebrities.. if you can pay Bachchan sir 1.50cr then pay half amount for other also.. Dara singh son’s baap ki kasm kha raha he fokat ke roal de raha he…..ALL Suck..

  4. It is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.

  5. this show is so unfair. when shilpa shetty is treated unfairly in UK she became the winner. That is coz foreingers straight fowardly abused her. Where as cunning indian women do back biting. They have showed step motherly behaviour towards jay sawant. Even denied roti to her and fed their own husband. If they are so keen to pati sewa let them do at home . NOt at public. First of all how come couples are allowed in the show and denied other contestant spouses. This it self is unfair. And the next target is Sherylin. Definitely these bitches Shamita , poonam, aditi, and the step mother tanaaz will throw sherylin out. ANd now they are making fun of Jay sawant in public about her poverty. If Jaya sawant wanted she could have behaved like a celebrity coz of her daughter. SHe was humble enough not to do it. If justice is not done in the show better take it off air.

  6. It’s interesting to find how challenging the content side is for some

  7. Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

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  9. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest.

  10. The show is completly rigged. Last one was to promote Rahul Mahajan and this one is to promote Kamal.
    But atleast 2 was worth watching not this one.

    Only because of Great Amitabh Bachchan we/people are watching it.
    Get rid of Ismail Darbar , Kamal and Vindhu as soon as possible.They are irritating and disgusting.
    Please and kindly don’t give them any wild card entry.

  11. I m quit to see big boss now, because of,KRK. he is only a very interesting n actual mr clean in big boss. ghar ke sab logon ne mil kar use nikala hai. yeh sahi nahi hua.big boss ke ghar men ab koi dilchasp aadmi nahi hai.saas bahu ke serial aur chutkula goshthi ke liye kai achchhe serial hain .KRK ki vajah se dilchaspi barkarar KRK ke jaane se jaati rahi.

  12. Bigg Boss 3 is going down to depths even the second season did not reach , throw out that KRK pls , who is this guy? Is he really famous, he is so ill mannered, He puts Bihar and UP to shame.

  13. Kamal khan hai sabse ghatia person. Itna ghamand kiska? Uska paisa hai to hindustani ka deshbasi ka kiya hai? Mein agar BB3 te rehta to K.Khan bohot mar khata mere hat se. Usko Avi nikaldo. Virus hai.

  14. sir, I am mittun kumar a software engg from delhi.I never ever missed single episode.I have been seeing this except shamita,claudia,aditi ,poonam and ishmaili all are used bad all are victim like kamal r before hearing any punishment think what to do those backbiting against him.rohit seeing kamal as bad character ,why what he did,he is not doing like them.all members except noone like him because all are try toe good,we are unable to find out them ,bcs they shows artificial smile.this is the actual problems in us to stop them anyway anytime to say truth.kamal did good jobs from last few days.all are target him without reason because he is right.he is independent.donot give away him from home.why u are doing nonsense backbiting without reason .our county seems like bigboss home,most of all are like rohit and others.they even criticise prime minister without reason.yeasterday ,all say kamal should go ,why ? what a u doing against him is not against rule,is not a bad habit.please consider my views and send my this letter to them .please please please .request to u again .call me if necessary 09990252485

  15. hi big boss,

    thnx for kicking out the KRK frm the show. he is very cheap nonsense n low mentality person.i dnt know how the bigboss has selected this stupid person for the we can watch the show without abusing language.. plz apply hard n fast rule for participants… thnx bigboss

  16. नमस्कार बिग्ग बॉस,
    मैं आपका दर्शक हूँ।
    आपने कमाल रशीद खान को बिग्ग बॉस मैं से ग़लत निकाला है।
    अगर कोई किस्सी को जानबूझ कर लड़ने के लिए उकसाएगा, तोह बेचारा कमाल क्या करे॥
    आपने कमाल रशीद खान को बिग्ग बॉस से निकाल कर हम दर्शको के साथ धोखा किया है।
    आपको इस तरह किसी को निकालना नहीं चाहिए॥
    आपने यह शो हम लोगों के लिए बनाया है।
    और इसमे हमारे वोट से ही, बिग्ग बॉस के घर का सदस्य बहार होता है।
    मगर आपने अपनी मर्जी से कमाल को निकाल दिया जो बहुत ग़लत किया है॥
    आपको चाहिए आप कमाल को वापिस घर में भेजे, अगर आप ऐसे अपनी मर्जी करोगे तोह आपका यह शो कोण देखेगा..

  17. djd

  18. Raju win this season and tell Vindu not to cry for anything and everything

  19. The percentage of children classified as special education continues to increase. Does anyone know why?

  20. Nice to watch Big Boss 3. Entry of Ismile DARbar dose not match. Care should have been taken to put more or less same group (age wise) people. Any way Raju , Samita , Bakhitiar are top contestant and should stay till end. Poonam is too good but not in the present age group. Decession of Big Boss in case of KRK is excellent. Keep more drama on dance , singing , play etc. so that public can know about the real performance of housemates apart from their personnal behaviour and charecter.

  21. Big Boss 3 has got one of the most useless and double standard people lile Rohit on the show who are not an shame on themselves but on the country as well…..
    Some examples of his mindlessness–

    1.he or she feels that some people are not good for big bos house , they are good for Hindustan….. in the sense he was right as he is not even good fr anything….

    2. Secondly he is trying to create a by using sensitive word like Racial with Calaudia

    3. Keping all the melodrama aside, such people should never be empathesised.

    He must be thrown out of the house else Big Boss is losing its attraction….

    Big Boss has got no attraction other than Amitabh Bacchan..

    This show is a big waste of time

  22. this is not the bigg boss show actually it is pigg boss show. it s gathering of stupids .chutiyon ki baraat lagi hai isme wo bhi ek chat ke niche.All characters especailly KRK, bindu are super stupid, donkey and worthless people in the whole universe.poonam,sherlin shamita all are gone and waste characters. raju tooo boring comedian. MR ROHIT SORRY MS ROHIT SORRY MRS ROHIT, God knows who is he/she????. I Request you to please stop these types of vulgar ,nonsense serials by collecting most stupid persons of earth.

  23. really bigboss3 is not interesting show now. shilpa’s performence was better than Amitabh. we expecting a lot from his show but it is very normal.His performence is not good as in “kuon banega crore pathi”really plop show.

  24. bindu is a real plotter while rohit is a puppet who would be ousted within two weeks i suppose, claudia aditi and poonam are getting stronger day by day. lets see who wins a plotter or tanaaz & bakhtiyar (who r no innocent eitherway for this is a game after all)

  25. I read a few topics. I respect your work and added blog to favorites.

  26. Bigg boss 3 is full seporting to Vindhu & Raju. They both are planning for whom to nominate. this should be not happen. Even bigg boss is showing only Vindhu’d cliping only all the time and doing publicity for him. Tanazz & Bakhtiyar are realy good couple in the house. Cluadia is the most M………. in the house she dont no to speak and not understading Hindi how casn she go against with couple. Shamita is most dum in bigg boss house, she dont have any talent in her. Only shilpa’s sister that is why is in the house. Pls dont show Vindos cliping more. Rohit is a B……… in the big boss house. Why everyone talking with him she or he should get out from the house. I think openly discuess about monimation this should bannered and thous who are doing they should get punish (Vindo,Raju & Raohit) They should get out from the house.

  27. hi
    how ru . ur show is good but do u realize its not popoluer to its old show . becouse u have not any cantander who creats trp to show . u hoest thios show its real but why its not so intresting U RELIZEESD . can u put one this ype of person who likes guru bhi same kind also those who have not any id but . with in seceand he canved to this show & became populer .same like storey of a person who is nathing but became a stars sharukh kahan or akshay kumar ane day in lif anthing or ather day every thing ak dream came happen .ane life can cahanged .one persane can tutch every one heart everyone can wants to knew obout that persan shiw becam ppppppppppppp

  28. Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  29. hi

  30. Thank you Big Boss.
    Finally you have listened our demand and presented a great Maha Monday on 16 Now.
    We really expected it from you.
    Hats off you.

    Irfan Khan
    New Delhi

  31. Hats off to you.

  32. great going big boss!!! yesterday you rocked!! what you did was awesome…but why did not you nominated vindu,raju and rohit… they should get a nominated for what they did…

  33. Dear Big Boss,

    Don’t punish Raju for eleminition planning the real culprit is Rohit.Raju is the heart of show any move to tarnish raju will scaledown the papularity of show.

    Best Wishes
    Nirmal Nayak

  34. raju ke bigg bos se bahar jane se show ki trp bhi jarur giregi esme koi doubt nahi kyoki aise hi show me koi interesting bunda nahi he ek raju tha jo abb bahar ho chuka he abb show me sirf bad word aur abuses ke alawa kuch bhi nahi bucha he

  35. Dear BIG BOSS,

    I have a question to Poonam Dhillon.

  36. Pravesh Rana, Meerut ke logo ko badnaam kar raha hai. Na bado ka sammaan na Aurto ki izzat.
    Ghar me sabse jayada Ghatia game khelne wala Time Pass admni Pravesh hai. Jo apne fayde ke liye kisi ka be istemall kar sakta hai.
    Chahe Poonam jaisi Maa ho ya Vindu jaisa Baap. Lagta hai BigBoss bhi kuchh isi tarah ki soch rakhta hai.
    Varna Vo Pravesh aur calodia ki manupulating zaroor dikhata. Vo dono har baar ek hi tarah ka nomination karte hai.
    Par Bigboss ko Pravesh ko hi Zitana hai, 50% per setting ki hai.

  37. Vindu is too good. He is the real man in the house. He always speak truth. He is real friend. The only man that is not playing game. The genuine personality. He must win.

  38. Yes! Vindu will definitly win if BogBoss is reality.

  39. Raju is out!!!!!!!!!! i am not watching bigboss anymore………….

  40. What if your gaurdian over your account of money wont let you have your money?

  41. This is an pre fixed and they will try for Vindu. Mr.Amitab is more i favour of Poonam and Vindu. They will make all of us fool to Pull Vindu up who is an real idot, brain less and shame to Punjabi Community and letting us down.
    Throw out of house today but favourisim of producers will bring him back as hinted by Amitabh bachan. This show will def. making Mr. Bachan below his stature, who sholud be with fair game.
    This is total wastage of time and energy by keeping Vindu, who openly challanged that he will manuplate and BIG BOSS can not do anything. It seems true and Vindu with the support of Akshy kumar etc getting adavatage which is in human and illogicl. Stop this non sense and try to be fair as it was few weeks back.

  42. Dear Bigg Boss,
    This is to your notice that am regluar watcher of Bigg Boss, but this time (Bigg Boss 3) is real dissappointment, I think its cause of the contastant which you have choose. You guys have only focused on Mr Amitabh Bachaan. And now the time have gone. Compair to last 2 seasons this one is very very very boring. So better get some good contastant next time i.e. season 4.
    Please do not dissappoint us.

  43. Pravesh should not have been immunised from being nominated paving the way for his first entry as finalist for Big Boss. Vindu, Poonam, and Aditi are better human being. People are saying that the Big Boss 3 event is fixed. By eviction from and re-entry into the BigBoss House by KRK smack it. My preference of winner in descending order is Vindu, Poonam, Aditi, Pravesh and Bakhtiyar. This is based upon my perception about their performance.

  44. Its Unfair
    1) Vindoo agar vapas aagaya too bakhtiyaar ko nominat nahi hona chaia.
    2) Game ki last may yaa kon sa HandGarnite cloudia ko diya.?? Jis may 100%sure pravesh ka name bolna tha.
    3) Baktiyar ,Aditi & pravesh na Vindoo/poonam ko nominate kiya.TO Aditi ka name kha say aaya?

  45. great man out for bed disgan kkr pleas give the telphone no &adreas iwill vis persanly thanks,

  46. This is not a reality show otherwise raju cant go outside the home & aditi / bakhitiyar r still in this house.
    Mr. Amitabh Bachchan says in starting that celebrities r call according to public vote, pls tell me Mr. Bachchan , how many people in INDIA know or hear about JAYA SAWANT/ ROHIT VERMA/ OR MUCH MORE SUCKING PERSON EXCEPT RAJU or SHAMITA………………

  47. Is samay bigboss house main sabsay kharab character jiske hai wo hai Adity Pravesh and Bhaktiyaar .teeno bahut hi selfish hai,sirf apnay baray main sochte hai.Hamesha Poonam ji ka nirader karti hai.Adityt kehti hai ki wo manupulated nahi hai lakin satta girane ka idea Adity ne hi sabko diya tha .Bigboss please Poonam ji ko ek baar sabkay samnay keh dijiye ki wo sabsay aachi hai.aur hum chahati hai ki Bindu is Bigboss ko jitay.

  48. pravesh and bakhtiyar should leave house this friday

  49. i hv never seen such type of so boring, tedious tv show in my life.. show dekh ne ki baat to door ki hai par koi NEWS channels pe two or 5 minutes ka bhi big boss season-3 dekhlene se lagta hai ki kis ne ye 100 kg ka hathoda sir pe maar diya aisa lagta hai…
    why the people making such type of tv programmes ??
    sirf Amitabh Bachhan ko laane se India dekh legi to yeh galat hai…

  50. i know that i hv spoken truth so u wont approve my mesg after moderation…..
    even though u wont change this immortal truth that big boss season-3 is a flop show and india dont want to see any more…….

  51. good info keep it coming

  52. Hai !
    It’s all about to end the show. The was very nice, but when poonam speaks about Indian Culture i thought that she spoke for the vote. I want to ask the question to poonam that she came in the house of bigboss to play the game or the tell about Indian Culture. she should be aware that sania mirza when she play she never thing in game about her culture or about Indian Culture. Poonam should take the lesson from her. I was shocked when she spoke about IC in game . she spoken to gather the vote to win. when in our country there is democracy to all then how she forget and tell about Indian culture is she forget her own time when she acted in the moives. I suggest to big boss team for the next season that noboby should speak about there culture in the game or if some one found speaking about any culture or religion in the show they should be out from the show immediately without waitng for the vote or friday. All should play the game not about culture. I feel very bad when poonam raise the question about Indian Culture. From that i stop watching the show. She did only to gather the vote. If they want to speak about culture or on religion they speak in another show not in BigBoss house because player may of any culture or from any religion. It my request to follow these in the next season of BigBoss.

    Thank you.


  53. When you drive by a dead skunk in the road, why does it take about 10 seconds before you smell it? Assume that you did not actually drive over the skunk.

  54. Dear Big Boss, Please instruct Mr.Pravesh Rana not spoil common mens name their, he is behaving like a dog peoples ill give comments os share their menatlly towards him, he should not react in such a way he has reacted, he should respect the celebreties and should be having calm behaviour towards them, otherwise common men’s name ill get spolied the way he is behaving,he is really spoiling common men name & prestige behaving in such a way, behaving in such a way he is only decreasing his winning chances nothing else…

  55. Mr. Parvesh and Bakhtiya both are not diserve for any type of serials and movies behavior of these guys very “Ghatia”.

    Sumit Sharma
    (Near Satyam Cinplex Patel Nagar)

  56. hi i am abhishek arora want to participate in big boss 4 i am very active person who love life enjoy and create something to enjoy all jolly smart nio fighting but something u will enjoy and public this is my guarantee
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  58. i want to participate in big bass sesion 4
    mob no 9990568064 delhi

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