Bigg Boss 3 is topping the TRP charts

It seems the small screen just sizzles when Big B spreads his charisma all over again. With this recent comeback as the host of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 3’ on Colors, the TRP (television rating point) meter was seen shooting up all the way to a record high of 6.0.

The 6.0 record beats the first-episode ratings of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?’ (TRP of 4) aired last year and Kaun Banega Crorepati-3 (TRP of 5.8) in 2007.

Bigg Boss 3 is topping the TRP charts surpassing the TRP’s of all the reality shows like ‘Raakhi Ka Swayamvar’ on NDTV Imagine (TRP of 3.7) and Akshay Kumar-anchored reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi-2, also on Colors, having a TRP of 3.

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  1. Congratulations,
    is this because of Amitabh Bachchan?

  2. The figures given in this article are not true or correct – the industry figures in the trade were 3 with a 45 minute retainership of viewers which is fairly sucessful. So, why fabricate figures?

    Where did you get such figures?

    Sadly for all the hype I have been disappointed by the contestants and the lack of any analysis or philosophy by Big B – afterall that was what we were promised!

  3. amitabh wants vindu dara singh 2 win ……..plays a bais game

  4. hi

    i watched ur show on 22 dec for last 10min of episode and ws really disappointed 2 c one of ur contestent waste so much food.there is nothin wrong if one hs 2 serve food.he claims 2 b aam admi bt he is spoilt brat who is jealous of others wealth.wasting food is nt cool in any situation and if he is aam admi he should know all the ws disgusting to watch it on national television.i request u guys not 2 entertain such things where hundreds of people struggle for decent 3 meals.

  5. This Pravesh is disgusting. He should be evicted from the Big Boss House immediately. After Bakhtiyar he is the next psychic case. Uses filthy/ abusive language, has no respect for elders. I have been watching Big Boss 3 from the very first day. But after the entry of Pravesh I am watching the show irregularly. I am sticking to the show just because of Vindu Dara Singh. Hope Big Boss will evict Vindu immediately. The most cunning and unbearable player of the show.

  6. Amit ji is a gentleman to the core.pls yash,some other excuse for the loosers.INDIA is watching….may the best wins.

  7. Come on people Plz vote vote vote for Vindu, as we all know who is Bull-shit. Vindu from the first day was a survivor despite everyone in the house turning against him at many occasions but his goodness won their’s and ours hearts unlike Praves who from his entery used every chance to target people. His targets were Rohit, Raju, Vindu, Poonam mainly but also is close ones like Kamal whom he never liked but today he took his name calling a good person just to save his Ass, thats coz Kamal said before leaving that he might win n also promised to vote in his support. Whats else, he didn’t like Adhati and Buktiar too what should we say. In the end I personally feel that Vindu deserves to win and must start voting for him till he wins. ALL THE BEST FRIENDS AND ALL THE BEST VINDU.

  8. Bindu is not a complete or success person then why he comments to other my mean pravesh that he is not success or he will be not success in his life. my opinion that first of all success myself then give any advice to others.

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