Bigg Boss 3 : Rakhi Sawant angry on Bigg Boss

Rakhi Sawant is appalled and angry by the way her mother is being treated on Bigg Boss.

“How dare the Channel use my mother as a pawn? Last year it was Rakhi Sawant. So this year it’s her mother? I could take on the whole house. Let them send me into the house once. I’ll show all these English-speaking snobs what a daughter can do when her mother is insulted. No one can fool around with me. But my mother is a simple housewife. That poor woman is being completely isolated by the other contestants.”

Rakhi blames the channel for using her mother as bait. “They thought Rakhi is coming on ‘Pati Patni Aur Woh’, so let’s put her mother on another show. I had no idea my mother was invited to Bigg Boss. Whatever our personal differences I don’t want my mother to be put in a compromising position,” says Rakhi and accuses the other housemates for discriminating against her mother.

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  1. Feedback Regarding the programme big boss…..,

    I would humbly bring to your kind notice that i m watching this programme since beginning.This Programme is very interesting due to very experienced,reputed host i.e. Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji whos a king of millions of people in the world.i have also recieved the feedback regarding this programme from my friends who are settled in europe,usa,u.k.and finland.i think i have the right to react to few episodes.The Points Noted are As Follows-

    1.People like Vindhu and KRK are using very uncivilized language and not using the decorum of the language.
    2.There Behaviour is very childish and having the concept that they are children of very reputed families…
    3.Mr. Kammal R Khan is openly proposing claudia for love affairs…which is not in the indian culture..this only gives a very cheap impression about him….He doesnt even know how to behave with his seniors as well as to his host…,we strongly feel that above mentioned characters are suffering from inferiorty complex and trying to gain the cheap popularity.With such kind of cheap activities they cannot be the centre of attraction.

    Others Characters in big boss are well decent,civilized and keeps the decorum of language.
    This is my internal desire along with my friends that such honest comments should be in there knowlegde so that reputed channels like colors can be more popular and acceptable…We wish Happy Diwali to all of them in anticipation..

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