Akshay to visit Bigg Boss on a chopper

The inmates of Bigg Boss house are in for a big surprise this week as Akshay Kumar enters the locked house with style to spend half a day with them.

According to sources, “Akshay is looking forward to especially meeting Vindoo as they are friends.” On Friday, the actor will arrive on a chopper, provided by the Blue producers Shree Ashtavinayak, and drop into the house from the sky.

3 Responses to “Akshay to visit Bigg Boss on a chopper”

  1. u r copy of shilpa. but u r to beutiful.
    all the best for the show
    just be what u r

  2. Ohhhh…It’s a great news…

  3. BB, it can hapen that Rohit n Bindu, both leave house at same time…..

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