Bigg Boss 3 : Kamal R Khan and Bakhtiyar locked up in jail of Bigg Boss

As we all know, the house of Bigg Boss this year has a new inclusion in its set-up in the form of a jail.

Today Bigg Boss punished two housemates for breaking rules. Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) and Bakhtiyaar were sent to jail, as they were found without their mikes for several hours. Later, Bigg Boss relented and freed them.

Bakhtiyaar was upset at being sent to jail, as he cooked the food for all inmates of Bigg Boss 3. He took it to heart, claiming injustice was done to him. Bakhtiyaar also fought with his wife Tanaaz over this issue.

When Aditi Govitrikar said that Bakhtiyaar was wrongly punished despite doing a very good work for the inmates, Kamal R Khan protested, saying how Aditi could singled out Bakhtiyaar as a martyr. He asked if Aditi meant that Bigg Boss was right in sending Kamal Khan to jail.

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  1. both are stupid person ,because they are not mix up between other 10 person ,they are sheme person.

  2. Need to change host. we require active & agressive host. we feel bour during one hour 9-10 pm with big boss 3.

  3. hi sir
    kamal bahot hi unsecure fil karrahey hai raju bhi kuch jiyada bolte nahi hai sab se jiyada ager koi hai to wo hai vidhu
    baki sab theek hai lakin bigboss the best i am rely

  4. Hi I would like to ask a question to Kamal Khan..on his own comment.. he says that his milk comes form Holland his drinking water comes from France and so on .. i would like to know that in the morning when he uses the toilet where does that water come from and that the deposits he makes goes to which country.. lastly please tell him to change the MIRRORS in his house they are surley deffected…

  5. KRK is fraud. He was a pickup driver in an advertising co. in Dubai called Champion Neon. A complete womniser, made money illegally. Shocked to see him in Big Boss3. He has done hair transplant and is wearing expensive clothes. Well, money really talks.

  6. u r funny guy
    all the best for the show

  7. This is the only serial which rock all time when it comes. but i wanna ask u a question who is kamal rashid khan (KRK). i ask 500 of people but none of them see his movie or listen his name, fir bhi ye itna udta kyun hai. plz yaar koi to batao ye kaha rehta hai, kya hai is dharmatma ki biography.

  8. hi

    its role abt act , but really, act known only AB jee.

  9. Dear Mr. Kamal Khan sir,

    I am a really big fan of yours role in Big Boss this big boss season 3 is really much better after your enterance.
    i really feel any thing bad even if u say that i am really very big buisness man nothing bad in that good keep it up

  10. Why is KRK brought back to BIGG BOSS as he not fit to stay with all the others. He should be sent BACK and not allowed to enter again.

  11. My Favoirite contestant is Vindu, Poonam Dillon & Raju

  12. Actually this is really a surprising thing that How poonam dhillo is surviving there in the house.
    She is not a entertaining and commedian like Raju,
    Not glamorous like claudia, Not young and flamboyant like parvesh, not arrogant like kamal r. khan

    Really surprising and she is even supporting Rohit Verma (A Gay) personality

    Shame Shame

  13. why pravesh is looking for gori citi (garman wali) look aditi she much more prety then cloudiea

  14. Big boss is getting boring day by day.


  16. i want to c RAJU,VINDU & POONAM as last 3 finalist of big boss 3.
    bcs they r deserve it. all the other r boring,useless type.

  17. Vindu is a real mard, parvesh nd bakhtiyaar is a real sixer

  18. vindu mard ka beta mard hai is liye wo mardon ki tarah jo bhi karta hai sabke samne karta hai aur auraton ka sahara nahin leta hai. Bigboss mein parvesh aur bakhtiyaar namard hain hamesha aurton ke sahare par chalte hain aur peeth piche chugli kartein hain.

    Agar aap sache bhartiya aur mard hain to vindu ko vote karein aur parvesh bakhtiyaar ko out karein plzzzzzzzzzz.

  19. Hhahhaa
    All r doing good but vindo is best
    jail is very intersting place
    plz not sencor any thing

  20. All Paricipate is good but Bindu is Best other Than,Becouse is Natural Person in Bigg Boss House ,Other Persons are Chitter.

  21. Bindu is a real winner

  22. Ha ha ha ha ha prabesh is a bad boy.

  23. Bhaktihar is very very dramma king on big boss

  24. Main chahta hoon ki Bindu hi jeete Bigg Boss-3, because he his a real gentleman.

  25. Hi:

    Vindu is a real vinner

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