Bakhtiyaar cries on Bigg Boss

It’s a nomination task morning in the Bigg Boss house. Ismail, Vindu and Kamal who were pro Sherlyn turn against her.
In the afternoon, Shamita and Tanaaz are discussing their struggling days in the film industry.
Bigg Boss calls Kamal in the confession room, to assign the weekly task.
Towards the evening, Raju and Vindu are singing Jack ‘n’ Jill in Bhojpuri style!

In the night, Bakhtiyaar is crying, as he is missing his son.

9 Responses to “Bakhtiyaar cries on Bigg Boss”

  1. i hate tanaz,rohit asswhole ,poonam,bhktiyar,shamita

  2. after the a** hole has been send out of B’BOSS the next a** hole should be( bakhtiyar.b.irani)…….

  3. yeah dude me to.

  4. we want kamal khan in this game if he is out of this game then nothing to see in big boss house.

  5. all r boring in bigboss 3 accept raju srivastav or kamal khan or rohit verma

  6. It’s a good new that Kamaal R khan has been thrown out of big boss house. These type of poor mentality people shows how irresponsible and violent e are. I feel shame on behalf of this nonsence person who has no right to live in the house. I am surpised to see how his family survives. If I was there I will slap this kind of person. Shame on you kamaal.

  7. this krk should be thrown out of this film industry. then only he will realize. he has too much greeed on his so called money.

  8. hiii bakhtyar,
    m happy to see u in biggboss, but i would b happier if u had joined jhalak dikla jaa.u r sooo talented it wud b lovely to see u in jdj. pleaseee do dis 4 ur fans. n bigg boss v r d 1s dat r voting in dis show, so v expect u to fulfil our wishes. nxt time pls give a dance based task . for gads sack dont bore us wid ur boring tasks. n y d hell r u not playin hindi songs. hello! v r not here 2 hear those silly sounds. play peppy songs like garam masala, any ismail composition , red rose. dont u know ponam acted in red rose.

  9. i also hate these three

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