I planned my Expulsion to save Sherlyn : Kamal R Khan

In his first interview after the exit from Bigg Boss 3, controversial Actor Kamal Khan said that he planned his expulsion from the house to save Sherlyn Chopra, who was nominated by the inmates for the third consecutive time.

Kamaal says he had never expected to be thrown out of the show. He is, however, glad he could keep his promise with co-participant, item girl Sherlyn Chopra.

“I owed my word to Sherlyn. I had promised her that I won’t become a reason for her eviction from Bigg Boss 3. I would never let her go out of the house, when I was there. And, I got the right chance to do that”, said Kamal Khan while talking to Amitabh Bachchan . “I was planning how to make an exit from the Bigg Boss house to save Sherlyn. Thank God, he showed the way. It happened all of a sudden, but was for the good”, he said.

Kamal Khan also said he tried to be bad before others, as he wanted to save Sherlyn Chopra from becoming a target in the house. “She was unfairly targeted”, said Kamal. Kamal also clarified that the Bigg Boss inmates were just puppets in his hands. “They always did exactly what I wanted”, he said.

Kamaal, who was nominated for eviction, was asked to leave a day before the results of public voting were announced because of his intolerable, abusive and uncouth behaviour since the beginning of the show.

Kamaal was the most controversial inmate in the “Bigg Boss” house. He says whatever fights or arguments he had with his co-participants — Bakhtiyaar Irani, Tanaaz Currim and Poonam Dhillon — happened because their thinking and ideas clashed.

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  1. If he drinks “Evian” and claims that his water comes from France, then the guy needs to see a shrink. He is not able to carry the load of his own inferiority complex. Neither he can speak well nor he has a good GK or analytical skills.

  2. Superb.Can anyone be a “Man of Words” like KRK? I feel no-one in the entire house of bigBoss3 is principled and this is where KRK is above everyone.i salute his principles and he stood by what he said.no-one else has the courage to stand by his/her statements.it needs courage and not merely language.All other house-mates are coward


  4. Kamal was a crap in that house.

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