Bigg Boss 3 : Ismail Darbar injured his left hand in Bigg Boss

While the Bigg Boss housemates celebrated the poolside party last night with wild joy and fun, there was an regrettable incident that brought bad news for Music Director Ismail Darbar. He fell down in the lawn, while playing with a ball and injured his left hand. It was a hairline fracture.

Bigg Boss sent two doctors to attend Ismail Darbar. He was given the treatment and then a bandage was put on his hand by the doctors inside the store room.

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  1. I think that this week Rohit Verma must be nominated as he is a waste. A dirty trash.

  2. Dear Ismail Bhi

    Well done your patience and hard work will pay you one day. I learnt that you got injured while enjoying at the pool side do not lose your heart. I pray for your recovery at the moment Magrib Azan finished I am going for prayer. Dua and love to you and your famil. Keep on praying and reciting the Holly Quran.


  3. hi

    best of luck

  4. hi

    how r u,


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