Bigg Boss 3 : Raju Srivastava in legal trouble

Raju Srivastava is in trouble. He may have to pack his bags and leave the Bigg Boss.
Raju  Srivastava has been sent a legal notice by Adhikari Brothers to quit Bigg Boss 3 as he had signed a contract with them before.

Raju signed a three-year contract as brand ambassador of the new channel. The contract comes into effect from November and requires Raju to give 10 days every month.

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  1. buht acha i like it hahaha

  2. Kindly request Adhikari bros to kindly start their contract from jan 10.

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  4. Hi yaar .. I m Anoop kumar …

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  6. lagai raho mjak-2 mai jeet jaoo

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