Bigg Boss 3 : Eviction Nomination of this Week, Tanaz Irani and Bakhtiyar Irani

Housemates of Bigg Boss Season 3  to nominate Tanaz Irani and Bakhtiyar Irani for Eviction of House.
So now battle for eviction is between Tanaz Irani and Bakhtiyar Irani.

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  1. Dear Managment

    I want to vote online. Coz i am from pakistan and i cant vote on sms. So please let me know how can i vote and one thing more that i want to be a housemate for next season. So what should i do for it.
    Please reply me on my mail add. I will be thankfull for you reply.
    All the best and with my wishes

  2. baktya ko nikalo

  3. rohit baba u r great

  4. Rohit should be nominated as he is continously dicussing nomination

  5. Hello BigBoss,

    I would like to project some light on the eviction of Tanaz Irani, It was totally injustice done based on false and bad marketing of her name by Rohit Verma.

    In the first place Rohit would have been warned to stop this kind of back biting and playing a false game against Tanaz and Bakhtiar as they was targeted this time next will be another member and so on until he wins the show.

    If Rohit Verma becomes the winner or any other person wins the game in the way Rohit was playing then BigBoss will be a big failure and people will not trust anymore on BigBoss.

    This will create several bad practices among the communities and societies of indian nation as the silence of BigBoss giving encouragement to such bad attitude and behaviour towards other person and people will take it as granted.Next thing the impression left on the new generation and misconceptions to become a winner in their real life giving wrong directions to their struggle and hardwork to be a winner it leads to inhumanity and injustice.

    According to my justification BigBoss should allow Tanaz Irani to enter the BigBoss house with all her honor and pride and Rohit Verma should be punished by getting ejected from the house immediately to stop such future bad happenings with other housemates of BigBoss.
    Thanks Ahmed

  6. Bindu very good guy,all off them not like because he is intelizian ,

  7. BINDU

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