Pravesh Rana is going all out to impress Claudia

A new love story seems to be blooming in the Bigg Boss’s house. Former Mr India, Pravesh Rana is going all out to impress German model Claudia and she too is dancing to his tunes.

It was on November 6 that Pravesh made a grand entry to the Bigg Boss house and his actions are proof enough that he doesn’t believe in wasting anytime.

Pravesh and Claudia chit chatting in English in the absence of Shamita. Bigg Boss calls both of them in the confession room and announces that they have to go jail. The jail term includes the mandatory ‘Chakki’ and flour requirement. Towards the evening we will see Raju and Pravesh (who is still in jail) doing mimicry and singing songs in the garden area.

2 Responses to “Pravesh Rana is going all out to impress Claudia”

  1. Pravesh Rana is going to impress German model Claudia,he asked before he come,shmita or ciaudia fall in love with me.

  2. Pravesh and Claudia are very boring. All this eye contact is dulls ville. Please take amitabh bachan off. He is very dull and i feel i have rewinded to 10 years ago . Abhi gaye aur abhi aye wapas. Man thats like 1999 dude. And I have a flash of him as PA eeeks.

    Vindoo is interesting, So are tenaaz. rohit and raju. Kambli is trying too hard. I dont want to see him !

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