Aditi Govitrikar becomes Malika-e-Bigg Boss

The new weekly task of Bigg Boss House is Malika-e-Bigg Boss. As per the task, Aditi Govitrikar is the Malika and the rest of the housemates have to take over the chores along with the responsibility of entertaining the Malika.

So all housemates geared up for the task and to look after Aditi. The chores are well defined; Claudia Ciesla and Vinod entertain Aditi during the morning tea. Bhakhtiyar and Pravesh Rana are the chefs but most of the housemates help them in cooking. Aditi’s best pal Shamita is her caretaker and both of them are found bitching about the housemates most of the times.

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  1. plz do sumthng bhakityar nd tanaz will nt go to big boss..bcoz they r honest people bindo roheet these people are kachira they sould leave big boss

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