I want to slap Rohit : Tanaaz

Tanaaz was evicted from Bigg Boss 3 on the basis of public voting. For the first time in the history of reality show, the fight between a husband and wife. However, Bakhtiyaar survived the eviction, as people chose Tanaaz to be out of the show.

Tanaaz is so angry with co-participant, fashion designer Rohit Verma, that she wants to “go back and slap him”.

While Verma, Tanaaz and her husband Bakhtiyaar, who too is on the show, were good friends in the initial episodes, they didn’t gel well later on.

Now she wants to go back to the show as a wildcard entry “to put people in their places”.

Tanaaz had a tough time dealing with her Bigg Boss co-contestants due to her temperament. She also had constant arguments with Bakhtiyaar.

Bigg Boss, the Indian version of international reality show Celebrity Big Brother, is currently in its third season. In the show, 13 celebrities are locked up inside a secluded house for 84 days and kept under constant camera surveillance without any contact with the outside world.

6 Responses to “I want to slap Rohit : Tanaaz”

  1. Rohit and Vindu needs to be shown the door. Poor Poonam she has blindly believed the two… not knowing their intentions. Poonam ji your friend is Tanaz …her gesture of hand grenade proves it.
    Rohit and Vindu your cheap behaviour in the house will definetly have its affects when you are out.

  2. I to want TANAAZ to enter the House and SLAP Rohit CHEAP.
    I also want now he should get scared by BAKHTIYAR like he was scared about KAMAL.

  3. It not fare…….u should slap baktiyar first only b’coz of him u r out…….kk

  4. Why even after repeatedly plotting and planning eviction, Vindu has not been sent to jail? Because he is son of Dara Singh, a known fellow of Mr. Bachhan and probably the producers have decided to win him? Some thing is also curious about Rohit. As he said he is not interested in women may be he has a fling for Baktiyar and was vindictive towards the lovely couple spreading rumors that completes in Tanaz’s eviction.

  5. gud and cool kick on the three idiots Vindu (a biggest fool, who did not survive his own marriage life), rohit (a man without manh**d) and third one raju (clown– really who innocently got involved in 2 idiots)

  6. what is going on in Bigg Boss this season…they hve no footage other than planning n plotting….
    this show is thriving on this….now they keep the 3 ppl out of nomination…why not default nominate them….they hv done what they wanted to…whats the use of all this…disappointing season this year…

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