Bigg Boss 3 : Eviction Nomination : Bakhtiyaar, Pravesh, Aditi, Kambli, Rohit and Claudia

First time in Bigg Boss Season 3 , 6 housemates are nominated for eviction. This week, Bakhtiyaar, Pravesh, Aditi, Kambli, Rohit and Claudia were nominated for eviction. There was a plan to nominate only Bakhtiyaar and Aditi this week. But BiggBoss did not allow that to happen.

So now battle for eviction is between Bakhtiyaar, Pravesh, Aditi, Kambli, Rohit and Claudia.

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  1. bring tanaaz back amd pls kick vrindu and rohit out of the show.his father is such a great person and son a cheap guy who plays dirty games to win the game. shame on him.

  2. Dear Big Boss,

    I see yr Big Boss Story last couple of Months dt.16/11/2009 Clip u punis three people, is very good

    But i say U punished to them a one person nominate to out of BIG-BOSS Show, this responsiblity given a left the Big-Boss result Des-Ka-Adash.

    This is real punisment to all of three person and after the big-Boss house is very real house. and the person work-to-gather and doing co-oprate eachother.

    This Impression-Immage(effect) on public mind, Dt. 16/11/2009 epsode yr last word full-fill, after u give the punishment.

    VIpul Patel

  3. Earlier had thought that Bigg Boss is not partial and does justice but recent news is that Tanaaz Irani who was evicted last week will be brought in this week which does not seem fair to other contestants. If some body has to be brought in let it be by public votes which would be fair else it would look like Bigg Boss also is corrupt and partial towards some and does not care for others and is doing this for trp which will not go up as Biggboss would lose many good viewers like me. Take Care

  4. this time big boss is full bore……….not enjoying at all & stop seeing this show. Every time people do witching & no good task as well………..

  5. Claudia is playing good game. Vindu, Rohit & Raju are good entertainers. I want them to stay till end.

  6. Battle for eviction, become mess, and maybe more seriuos in future?

  7. this time rohit should be out from house

  8. As I mentioned in my earlier mail, again I am saying same words, This week Rohit verma should be evicted possitively, beacause he is the culprit, and second should be Vindu Dara Singh,
    For Vindu Dara Singh, I want to say, that he has spoil his father’s image, his father is a world fame personality, and every indian feel proude on him. and just reverse about his son. Generally childrens are trying to do better as compare to their parents, but in this case he is totally nagetive. He should take a lession from Bhakhtiyar, He is a very genuine and clear heart person, according to me he is the right winning candidate in Big Boss 3. See our indian politics is very bad, every body can see in Big Boss 3. we should remove thses bad elements from our society as well as big boss3.

  9. Yesterday, 16/11/09 episode, big boss3 has done wonderful job, because it is required very badly, these two people: Rohit Verma and Vindu Dara Singh are ceating the problems for every one in the house. Now picture is very clear in house and every body know about these two people.

    My view is that we should play game with our genuine efforts with positive energy, not with bad politics.

    Today these 3 people will get punishment which is right action from big boss side. my suggestion is that these 3 person: Rohit Verma. Vindu Dar Singh & Raju Srivastava they should not allow to participate in for next nomination also, Because it should be include in their punishment.

    And give them final warning, if they will do it again, then and there they should be out from big boss house Immdiately like KRK.

  10. Dear Big Boss and Sh. Amitabh ji. I think the the conspirators alone should have been nominated yesterday ie on Nov16,2009. Only Vindu, Raju and Rohit should have been nominated for eviction yesterday rather than other inmates of the house.
    Or alternatively names of Raju and Vindu should also be nominated for eviction in addition to names of 6 inmates of big boss house. Let Janta ka aadesh to decide who should remain in the big boss house. Sanjay.

  11. Baktyar has any talant?…..He want to stay in Bigg boss House on Names of tanaz nd their son nd to weep

  12. This is the best Bigg boss episode of the entire season. I had a sick stomach watching vindhu and rohit plot against bakhtiyar and aditi so openly and the retort bigg boss showed by showing TV footage of all the bitching to all the housemates was wonderful. I couldn’t be more happier…

  13. Bakhtiar,paresh and aditi got 3 votes each. They were in 1st positio. Vinod,rohit,claudia got 1 vote each so they were at 2nd position. So all of them were nominated. Not for saving aditi and bakhtiar.

  14. I think bigboss is doing unfair by only punishing bindu,rohit,and raju. All of should be punished.

  15. It is my view that the website is too much Googlized. I have a 15″ monitor, running Windows 98SE with 800×600 resolution, using Firefox browser and the ads tend to overlap the text. Admin, there are ways in which you can handle this cleanly.

    Secondly, I find Vindoo as the cleanest guy of them all. Aditi and Poonam ji are too shrewd and Bakhtiyar seems to be right-sized after Tanaz’s exit. However, it is surprising to see how moms today stay carefree from their preliminary and natural responsibilities of motherhood. With these kinds of moms what would you expect the offspring to become like?

    BUT VINDU to be hanged in the cage, ROHIT in Water & RAJU in Jail then it would be fine.
    ANY WAY ITS GOOD Decision from BIG BOSS

  17. This week six housemates are nominated for eviction then I think two persons should be evicted from the House of Bigg BOss i.e. Bakhtiyaar and Pravesh. I think they are not eligible or good enough to a part in this show. I and probably India think that they have no value and a character to be a part. I’ve seen Bakhtiyaar many times crying, shouting and protecting only for Tanaaz which doesn’t mean at all. As per sources Tanaaz will re-enter as a wild card participant witch’ll not be justifiable. If it is for TRP then as you wish but It should not be like this.

    Pravesh entered few days back in Bigg Boss and his behaviour is just surprising especially in the last days show when he said about a participent, “Bahar ja ke main usaki life kharab kar dunga”. Stupid chap I think he is a snobish person nothing else.

  18. i think poonam dhillon is very strong contestent in biggboss

  19. i think ponam is very meture and inteligent contestent in biggboss. sh nadeem pakistan

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