Bigg Boss 3 : Rohit Verma is out from Bigg Boss Season 3

Its Official, Rohit Verma is out from the bigg boss’s house. He was one of the house mate in the house of bigg boss season 3. He was beaten by Vindu Dara Singh.

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  1. It was utterly disappointing to see Rohit leave. Im not a fan of Rohit, however when it came to choosing between Rohit and Vindu, the choice was without a second thought Rohit. I dont understand why Vindu is so confident that India will not vote him out, looks like hes got a team of friends, probably paid, to vote for him. Comparatively Im sure that Raju has a bigger fan following, and I love the persons modesty.
    Vindu should have been ousted. I’ve started to think that either Vindu is a part of the planning committee of BB3 or its not a reality but a make believe show….. sad….

  2. i missed todays big boss so just wanted to c how was out…

  3. Vindu done again he is always saying “Beta main to kehta hoon jo mere samne aayega…. Samajh lo wo gaya…”

  4. it is very plesant….to all BB3 veiwer…that wo sala gandi nali ka kida…. nikal gya….
    Yet Mr.Creative team Provide(STAY) him much them he desarav….
    Moral: KR BURA TO HO BURA…

  5. Dear Bigg Boss,

    Today I really found that one person i.e. PRAVESH RANA should be evicted or better say disqualified from BIGG BOSS house.

    He used to say that so and so is bad, dirty, idiot etc., he also blames that Vindu is BAKWAS (Usaki koi awakat nahi hai), “Rohit ne aisa kaam kiya hai ki bahar kisi ko muh nahi dikha payega”, the truth is that he has already accepted in polygraphic test that to win BIGG BOSS he shall do anything to be in Finale…….Now where he stands. He has such a dirty soul, as he reads faces but his face says that Wahi sabase bada kamina hai….sabse bada DHOKHEBAJ hai…….. “Ek to tum baad me aaye ho aur jo pahle se mehnat kar rahe hain unaka kuchh nahi hai…”

    In today’s episode (Maha Monday, 30 Nov. 2009) PoonamG has nominated as well as given the exact reason about that bloody PRAVESH…….

    We all know that its a game and everybody here to win this game so I don’t think that VINDU, ROHIT and RAJU have done anything wrong its diffrent thing that BIGG BOSS punished them as per rules not to discuss about the nomination.

    Aaj ke episod me Pravesh ne VINDU ko Dara singhG ka naam le ke jo bhi kaha isaka matlab saaf hai ki Wo haar ke dar se BOUKHALA Gaya hai………..

  6. Hello Bigg Boss. It is a pleasure being a part of Bigg Boss . I am big fan of Bigg Boss 3 and it is love to see different shades of these junior celebs in the House. I am quite disappointed with Raju who is still not potryaing his real self.The Highlight of This week will be fray between Vindu and Parvesh Rana.I would like see how Parvesh Rana will react when he will get nominated and he showed his frustration clearly after the nomination process ,even tried to provoke vindu and in the end got successful.

  7. dear big boss
    i m fully convinced with mr. deepak chaturvedi’s comment that parvesh has no right to say any thing to any one in big boss cos he is nothing in front of them they all have porived them self allreaddy and he has to go long even to touch any one of them.
    i think he is there just because of callaudia and i m surprises with the attitude that lady is being shown about this man, i m surprised that claudia is the same who rejected krk immidiatlly and now she is playing with parwesh rana, this is the programme that i use to see with my family and i m not happy with these two house mates any way


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