Bigg Boss 3 : Poonam Dhillon goes to jail

Poonam turns the villain in the Bigg Boss house when she was selected as the Minister of the house while playing the ‘Politics’ game as the weekly task in the Bigg Boss house. She is responsible for ensuring that no rules are broken in the Bigg Boss house, otherwise she would be jailed. And if she succeeds in ruling over them for 4 days then she would automatically be a finalist on the show.

Pravesh and Kamaal Rashid Khan, better known as KRK manage to break many rules in the house and Poonam reprimands them again and again. Finally Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to send her to jail and choose a new leader. Poonam is packed off to jail, a fact that distresses her a lot. And Raju is chosen as the new leader of the house.

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  1. vidu should come out from big boss house he is not the perfect person to play in the game he is playing with all the home mates emotion…wrong

  2. Pravesh Rana says, “so-and-so(Vindu, Rohit..) are dirty people.” I think he is the DIRTIEST person in the Bigg Boss house.

  3. i am watching since beginning, really VERY STUPID GAME

  4. punamji,raju and bindu are the best other are not.

  5. Please stop all nonsense drama. We have already stopped seeing the program. If you want to let certain people rule the show, why have you kept people like Raju in. You people now have made our favourite show the most worst show ever. FOOLISH PEOPLE

  6. PRAVESH should be out.. he pervert in the house,if big boss team wants to make a porn take him and claudia and make one in germany,not in this country.. pravesh sucks..

  7. is pagal ko bahar nikalo. ye gadha h. bolne ki tamiz nahi. dara singh ka beta na hota to koi bheek bi na deta. colours channel ki trp down ho jaege jo ye gadha is bar bhi bach gaya

  8. all partcipet are smart person ,he is one of them

  9. sare kutte hain.sabse bada krk aur fir punam.fir vindu. pravesh aur claudia ki lovestory jhakas. claudia chamarin.

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