Vindu Dara Singh to emerge the winner : Raju Srivastava

Raju Srivastav was evicted out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house on Friday. However, Vindu Dara Singh and Pravesh Rana, who were nominated for eviction along with Raju last week, are still safe on the show.

This was the first time that Raju had been nominated. He had thrown an open challenge to Vindoo to nominate him and see who the audience would choose. His overconfidence was clearly misplaced, as the audience chose Vindoo.

He jelled well with everyone on the show for quite long, but later got into a little bit of plotting along with Vindu.

Nevertheless, Raju managed to survive in the house for nearly 60 days.

Raju Srivastava, says he would like Vindu Dara Singh to emerge the winner despite many controversies as he entertains the audience by providing action and drama.

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  1. Pravesh Rana, Meerut ke logo ko badnaam kar raha hai. Na bado ka sammaan na Aurto ki izzat.
    Ghar me sabse jayada Ghatia game khelne wala Time Pass admni Pravesh hai. Jo apne fayde ke liye kisi ka be istemall kar sakta hai.
    Chahe Poonam jaisi Maa ho ya Vindu jaisa Baap. Lagta hai BigBoss bhi kuchh isi tarah ki soch rakhta hai.
    Varna Vo Pravesh aur calodia ki manupulating zaroor dikhata. Vo dono har baar ek hi tarah ka nomination karte hai.
    Par Bigboss ko Pravesh ko hi Zitana hai, 50% per setting ki hai.

  2. vindo must not win at any cost.

    The most eligible winner is POONAM POONAM AND ONLY POONAM DHILLON

  3. yaha shabi planing se ho raha hai jo sidha hai wo bahar jayega

    Pravesh jisko koi janta nahi hai wo bahar nahi hua aur Raju jisko pura desh janta hai aur pyar karta hai wo bahar ho gaya .

    eska saf matlab ye hi hai ki jo ladai karga wo rahega jo nahi wo jayega kambli ke sath bhi yahi hua

    bekar ka show hai ye big boss

  4. sub TRP ka khel hai ye big boss

    jo TRP dega wo rahega jo nahi wo bahar

  5. if raju is not there then bigboss is over for so many people.i have stopped watching it.And all other Raju fans should stop watching it so that TRP should be zero and they can bring Raju back again

  6. I strongly & seriously believe as Vindoo Dara Singh The Winner of Bigg Boss 3.As Ruju Shrivastav Says he is potraying many shades of many shades of human charater and to me is real one player showing the characterstics of human nature.He is crying ,making people laugh witj his innocency,laud in nature and for confession for his mistakes he ‘s done ,stern & firm believe in public mandate.Every week he gets nominated but how easily he takes this chaleges and growing strong and strong.I am totally disapointed wiht Parvesh Rana who is stooping so low for publicity.When he got nominated his clash with Vindoo shows his desperation and in the same time it was a tool of publicity by thrwoing Open Chalenge and Asli Mard.He made a promise to leave the house volunteeraly if Vindoo Stay there. Clearly Cheap Guy resortin on Flirting With Claudia for Publicity.

  7. Here I want to comment on Bakhtyar.He is a person who alway speaks to the mind but I couldn’t understand his mentality and double Satandard in case of Vindoo.He has easily forgiven Rohit Verma who played big role in Tanaz eviction rather that vindoo and Raju ,similarly he has done with Raju but why not in the case of Vindoo.

  8. Lemme tell you the nomination of the week and that is ” four housemates comprising of Bakh,Aditi,Parvesh and claudia will nominate Vindoo so he will get four nomination,Same in the case of Poonam Dhillon and she will also get four nomination.Mean These Four inmate Bakh ,Aditi ,Parvesh and claudia will nominate same person.Now question arise to whom will Vindoo and Poonam Dhillon nominate.I reckon that vindoo will nominate Bakh and parvesh while Poonam ji will nominate claudia and Parvesh so again it is Parvesh vs Vindoo Vs Poonam

  9. is show me puri bigg boss ki chal hai jo .is bar puri tarah se flop sabit hua .raju jo sabse jyada TRP de raha tha use hi ghar se beghar kar diya .ab logo ne bigg boss dekhana band kardiya .ab aap TRP patta kar sakte .isi karan kamal ko fir se bulya tha jo ye nahi kar paa raha .agar aap sahi hai to voting line har show me dikhana chahiye ki kiske kitne vote hai abhi tak.ise trp aur jyada badega .

  10. sala sab trp ka khel hai…………i want pravesh to be out of house asap…….sicne ghar mai sabse ganda insaan wahi hai…….

  11. Raju should be the winner…But he was thrown out of house.

    I guess this is all just to make good TRP ratings by making outside people think more of the winner of this show.

    All just thrash.

    Vindoo was nominated allmost all the times, but survived. Raju was nominated once and he has thrown away.

    Why will people eliminate Raju? Simple question, he made everyone laugh and he entertained everyone.

    I guess only the persons like Kamaal and Pravesh may be the final ones because of this planned Big Boss 3 activity.

  12. pravesh rana & bakhtiar & aditi are the worthless. these 3 has no respect to others ill manner, bad behaviour. i can’t understand how they survive in the big boss house. these 3 deserve a good kick on their back to throw out from the house. i am sorry to say , but it is true.

  13. Big bos sis totaaly fraud this time… i Dont knw how Raju is out ..pravesh rana did a lot of thing which is not good,,still big boss is supporting him..ladkee patoo big boss jeetoo..apne ese badee koo galee doo big boss jeetto. sabse se bade planning and plotting too big boss waloo ne ekaree huye hai.. starting me bakitiyaar, tanaz,aditi, smita..sab mil ke nominated kartee big boss ne kuch nahe ebolaa..big boss chataa thaa ke raju bahar niklee thats why he showed the video too each and every thingh..rohit nee dirty game bahut phele suroo kar diya big boss nee kyoo nah evideo dekyaa..they want pravesh and bakitaay me ese koi jeetee..clauddia bhe eromance kartee hai tahstw hy she is in a game..sabsee bada example hai KAMAL KHAN game me vapis aa gayee hai..itna sab kuch karne kee baad means big boss wants TRP… RAJU ke ejane eke ebaad clear hai ab big boss dekhna ka koi matlab nahe hai..clear plotting kare ahi big boss nee… BAD SHOW..thooooooooo

  14. parves hi jetaega bindu to ghatea kisam ka admi hai

  15. i want Vido or Ponam shoud win Big Boss Season3, all other competators do not deserve to win. pervaish is the most unbearable person in this house. he must be thrown outside asap. we pray for vindu and ponam. Good luck both of u.

  16. vindu is the best.


  18. VINDU all the WAY, YOU ARE THE WINNER 4 SURE. But, got to say BOG BOSS, when i saw Vindu leaving out of house because of those shit holes, i was about to break my computer and grab the next flight to India, just to beat the crap out of Bhaktiar and pravesh ASSHOles. How dare they try to kick him out of the show, VINDU is the reason I watch the show, F….ing hell man, don’t give me a heart attack like that.


  19. I reside in Gulf in a building where v r 100 residents in total and on behalf of everyone i strongly Urge to hve VINDOO who is nothing without his dad’s name n surname to be OUT infact KICKED out of the show to speak ill for everyone and have confidence as high as peak of everest … V wud never want to c him even a minute more.. Please !!

  20. hi , vindu u always win

  21. I was attracted to this show due to Amitabh Bachchan.I thouth
    if he endorsed Bigg Boss, it would be legitimate. Alas everything turned out to be ‘nautanki’ The starting with kamblis’s eviction,and now Raju. What are they saying-
    India loves kamina pan,as they protect Parvesh,why then was
    Claudia given such a bomb, it was obvious that she would protect
    Whatever the reasons for projecting Pravesh and kamal.( it sure can’t be TRP as nobody looks forward to watching villanous behavour) I think the producers are trying to impose their philosphy to the masses.

  22. u win

  23. Vindo or Poonam should win this game they are the best

    Good Luck

  24. Who will be winner of Bigg Boss Season 3: Vindu Dara Singh or Pravesh Rana ??? As per the latest episode, one thing is clear to me that the winner will be either Vindu Dara Singh or Pravesh Rana for Bigg Boss season 3. The third person i.e. Poonam ji is not a strong contender. I know she is very nice but this is purely my calculations and liking for the bigg boss. Well friends as you all have seen today that Pravesh was guilty for whatever he has done yesterday (dump alll the food into swiming pool) and comitted his mistake in front of both. I really impresed when he feels sorry in fromt of both Vindu and Poonam.

    Since the first episode, I always voted for Vindu only, but as the grand finale comes closer everybody is behaving more maturelly. I have deeply analysed Pravesh and found that from deep of his heart, he is a nice guy, but some times he loses the control from him self. And the same problem is with Vindu Dara Singh also. But in the company of Poonam, Vindu has reached in such a place where he can manage him self easily, but there is nobody with whome Pravesh can share his feelings. In this stituation not only Pravesh, anyone of us can do some really goofy things. The one thing Which I really hate about Pravesh is that he dumped all the food, which is the basis nessisty for any comman man OR Aam Admi. He himself has got the entry inside this house as an Aam Aadmi and instead of taking the advantage of this, he is behaving like an destitute which is not good.
    My vote is with Vindu Dara Singh and want to see him as a winner of Bigg Boss 3

  25. Hi
    Very nice and intrestingss story.

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