Bigg Boss 3 : Bigg Boss nominates all Housemates for Eviction

The Bigg Boss sprang a surprise last night, by nominating all Housemates. Bigg Boss took the decision, as the housemates did not show any interest to complete their tasks last week and were indulged in pulling each other’s ‘satta’ (rule). That put an end to the planning and plotting this week.

So now battle for eviction is between Vindu Dara Singh,Pravesh Rana, Claudia Ciesla,Aditi Govitrikar,Bakhtiyar Irani and Poonam Dhillon

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  1. Grreat Job Bigg Boss .IT was essential becoz There is too much grouping in the house particularly claudia ,Parvesh ,Bakh and Aditi. It was looking clear on monday nomination that Vindoo and Poonam sure would be nominated it wouldn’t be fair with Vindoo who is getting nominted almost every week though survived everytime successfully.I think if he survives this time it must be a record for Bigg Boss for all season

  2. Oh, that is not good.

  3. It is now quite evident that producers of Big Boss 3 are extremly biased towards KRK. It appears that KRK must have paid heavy amount to these producers for stay in BB3. All housemates are nominated except KRK, many others benefit are received by KRK, etc… Please stop this non-sence.

  4. Bigboss
    Myself onbehalf of our entire group of more than want to thank you first of all nominating all the housemates.Now why the hell that asshole KRK is still present in as a housemate.Kick him out of the show immediately.Please convey him amessage that he looks like a chor with his baddressing sense.We are agroup of 1000 people whowants KRK’s eviction from the house imediately.



  5. Hey all…i was watching the show for a few days now..and i would like to share a few thoughts..

    a) Pravesh Rana is the epitome and the norm of sanity..i find him the most complete man individual..he is playing the game well and he deserves the maximum accolades and the “first position”..

    b) Poonam Dhillon says how dare a “foreigner” win bigg boss…she has repeatedly said that on the show…Guys…that is down right RACIST…she has made a racist comment..if this had been the west or anywhere in the world, she would have been labelled a “racist”..i am labelling her “racist”

    c) she talks about indian culture…there are videos of her on bigg boss where she is showing her CLEAVAGE !!! – comeon thats NOT INDIAN..she is wearing a salwar and she is flaunting her cleavage…and she has a problem Pravesh talking to Claudia talking till 2 in the night…

    Guys…why is she still on the show !!!!

    Let logic prevail..


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